Ep 42 – Business, Beer, and Beards – Meet Mark Turner

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In this week’s BPE, Alex and Molly chat with attorney Mark Turner about business, hockey, and craft beer. Mark not only tells us about business planning and litigation, but also shares the story of how he sent a hockey referee to the hospital, and how India Pale Ale got its name. Listen to Mark answer our classic lightning round questions in this unusually masculine episode. Mark can be reached at The Gertsburg Law Firm or via LinkedIn. Learn more about Open Doors Academy at www.opendoorsacademy.org. Visit the Little Free Library website at littlefreelibrary.org to learn more about getting your neighborhood a little free library.

Can you spare 2-3 hours next month to help grade essays for the 3rd Annual We Solve Problems Essay Contest? This is the first year we are letting students choose their own problem to solve, so we’re expecting lots of great essays! Scoring can be done from the comfort of your home, but if you don’t have the time, you can also support the contest by being a sponsor. Learn more by visiting www.gertsburglaw.com/essay and help the cause!

We almost forgot to take our selfie with Mark! But then we remembered and snuck in a quick one outside the studio…

* 0:55 Who is Lorna Doone?
* 1:26 A secret new creative project by Molly the documentarian
* 2:35 Introducing Mark Turner – what’s a litigator
* 4:17 A lesson in local beer and drinking at kids’ sporting events
* 8:32 Who is Mark Turner?
* 9:46 From financial manager to attorney
* 11:21 Leaving Buffalo and choosing a college
* 12:22 Beard etiquette and struggles
* 16:16 What is “Business Planning”?
* 18:20 Estate Planning vs Litigation
* 20:58 Hockey love and pain
* 25:56 Keeping clients happy as a litigator
* 28:16 Alternative fee arrange
* 33:18 Craft beer lesson
* 40:23 Serving Open Doors Academy and Little Free Libraries
* 48:22 Lightning Round
* 54:18 Wrap Up

Ep 40 – Manage Your Money and Your Business – Meet Andrew Connors

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Kick off the new year with Alex, Molly, and Andrew Connors, a Certified Financial Planner and Partner at Fairport Asset Management. Prepare for the future with Andrew’s top tips for young people and for business owners, and find out the difference between a wealth manager and a financial planner. This episode will transport you back to the holiday season when Molly was feeling festive and Alex revealed his kryptonite in a bag of mixed nuts. And we ask the eternal question: how many items constitute a “collection”?

Get in touch with Andrew through www.fairportasset.com or on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/andrewconnors/. Interested listeners can read his thought paper on “Minding Your Business”, a new program for business owners about how to align personal, family and business goals, linked here on the BPE website.

The 2018 We Solve Problems Essay Contest is looking for judges and sponsors. Members of the community and business leaders are invited to visit www.wesolveproblems-essay.com to learn more and to sign up through the month of January. Help shape the leaders of tomorrow, as they compete to solve problems and communicate those solutions in a short essay.

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Don’t get sued. Cover Your Six.

In case you missed it… here is the honorary Gebler chair at Burntwood Tavern
Was Alex channeling his inner Molly in this picture from Thanksgiving?









* 1:05 One Year of Best.Podcast.Ever.
* 2:18 Alex has an allergic reaction to nuts
* 3:56 Trying some Mushroom Tea during flu season
* 6:52 Molly’s VIP chair at Burntwood Tavern
* 8:22 Alex saw Dead and Company and approves of John Mayer
* 9:25 When Molly started feeling festive during the holiday season; not so much for Alex
* 11:29 Introducing Andrew
* 14:24 What Andrew is doing with those belt buckles
* 19:05 What’s the difference between Wealth Management and Financial Advising
* 21:48 Common requests and Andrew’s advice for young people
* 27:48 “Andrew’s Commandments”
* 29:54 An Andrew-Commandment for personal finances: “Treat yourself as a business”
* 32:51 How technology can help with personal finances
* 34:26 Working with clients and building relationships
* 36:28 Who is the “right fit” client
* 39:50 Best Advice for business owners
* 43:36 Best Advice for individuals
* 45:20 Lightning Round
* 58:30 What is Exit Planning

Ep 37 – Fun with Insurance – Meet Craig Lyndall

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Believe it or not, we can talk about insurance and have fun at the same time, which is what happens when Alex and Molly interview Craig Lyndall of Lyndall Insurance, Waiting For Next Year sports podcast, and sponsor of the many exciting community events you’ve heard about. We talk classic movies, creative marketing, working with family, and Cleveland Sports, with a bit of “Insurance for Dummies” in the mix. Check out more new lightning round questions to find out what everyone is binging on, and what Gwen Stefani and Jon Bon Jovi have in common.

Learn more about Lyndall Insurance at LyndallInsurance.com and follow them on Facebook to find out about upcoming events. Visit the website for Craig’s podcast at WaitingForNextYear.com and follow him on twitter at @WFNYCraig. If you’d like to check out Craig’s album, “The Company Line”, it is on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/35ExIeLft6Kgs4ZIbaUrPj

Cover My Six is a unique, confidential, attorney-led company legal audit that identifies and then addresses the six areas most likely to cause you legal exposure for damages, fines, and attorneys’ fees. Visit covermysix.com to learn more.

Be sure to visit www.wesolveproblems-essay.com and find out how to volunteer and/or donate to the 3rd Annual Essay Contest.

Molly as a Pink Lady with her father on Halloween this year


* 1:06 Where is your chamber certificate?
* 2:09 Introducing Craig
* 3:50 Halloween memories and movies
* 4:47 Lyndall Insurance bringing back classic movies
* 6:51 Creative Marketing and how Craig brings his interests to work
* 10:10 Bringing Kid-friendly music to the area and “kids these days”…
* 14:46 Being a creative person
* 17:11 Working with family
* 19:55 The insurance business
* 20:42 Insurance for businesses
* 24:32 How insurers get paid
* 29:28 Innovation and technology in insurance
* 33:34 Cleveland sports woes
* 41:39 Pre-Lightning Round (with new questions!)
* 51:46 Actual Lightning Round

Ep 33 – Joe vs The Hurricane – Meet Joe Jacobs

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What did you do when you heard Hurricane Irma was coming to Florida? Eagle Scout and Owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, Joe Jacobs, decided to do something to help. Listen to his incredible story of delivering supplies to hurricane victims in the most devastated parts of Florida. You’ll be amazed by this first-hand account of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, and the human obstacles Joe and his team faced. Join Alex and Molly on this audio journey through surprises and success in this captivating episode.

Visit Joe and Chagrin Home Improvements at www.ChagrinHomeImprovements.com or on their Facebook page. Photos from Joe’s story can be viewed at www.thebestpodcastever.com/irmaphotos


What do you think? Does Joe Jacobs look like Jon Fishman of Phish?


* 1:33 How Joe came to be on the show
* 3:10 Joe comes from Florida to Ohio
* 6:42 starting Chagrin Home Improvement
* 7:40 driving trucks to Florida
* 11:05 what it’s like to be in a Hurricane Wilma
* 14:10 deciding to make the drive, and to put in the truck?
* 18:16 gathering supplies and men
* 23:40 the first encounter with danger
* 28:10 finding a safe space to ride the storm out
* 30:10 Tampa – calm before the storm
* 32:40 the game plan and Hurricane Irma hits
* 35:40 trying to find the need in the aftermath
* 42:40 Heading south and talking their way into the Florida Keys
* 48:57 Why people stay during a storm
* 50:48 Finding destruction in Key West, people roaming the streets, and cars on top of hills
* 56:30 Making a difference
* 1:00:10 Clearing roads and facing pushback from locals
* 1:03:40 Finding where he’s meant to be and making donations count
* 1:11:40 One last stop before going home
* 1:14:08 Lightning Round

Ep 32 – Interview with a Mensch – Meet Gary Grunwald

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Meet the always positive, Gary Grunwald, jeweler, watchmaker, appraiser, numismatist, and President of Nicholas Jewelers and Cleveland Coin and Currency. Molly and Alex grill Gary on how he went from being a paramedic to being a jeweler, Yiddish words, and his unusually large… pet? Listen to find out where the Cavs players appraise their jewelry and which Planet of the Apes character he named his daughter after. Learn more about Nicholas Jewelers at www.nicholasjewelers.com, and visit Cleveland Coin and Currency at clevelandcoinandcurrency.com.

The event on October 18th with Meg Pauken, “What Matters Most: Your Family and Your Legacy” was a success. If you were unable to attend, but would still like to learn about preparing for a health crisis or Charitable Family Foundations, get in touch with the Gertsburg Law Firm at info@gertsburglaw.com

The premiere of Grove Hill: A True Story was on October 4th. View the trailer at www.facebook.com/Grove-Hill-A-True-Story-Documentary-1127664883968151/. Here are some photos from the event:

The premiere of Grove Hill before the Documentary Film Festival
Fans watch the documentary at the premiere
More inspiration from Village Herb Shop











* 1:00 First Responders Week
* 6:20 A perfect father-daughter walking tour of Chagrin Falls
* 11:25 What is a life well-lived?
* 17:25 Introducing Gary Grunwald
* 18:40 How a good Jew cheers you up
* 19:43 Gary comes in and explains how he’s so positive
* 23:00 How Gary became a paramedic and how shaped him
* 27:40 The craziest thing Gary saw as a paramedic
* 29:00 From paramedic to jeweler
* 33:04 Gary’s high pain tolerance
* 35:14 Gary becomes a jeweler and the birth of Nicholas Jewelers
* 38:40 Who is Nicholas?
* 42:44 The Jewish Fred Sanford? Gary loves coins & antiquities
* 45:15 The characters of Nicholas Jewelers and a jeweler’s perspective
* 48:40 Celebrity sightings
* 51:03 Gary’s large pet
* 52:22 The Grunwald Clan
* 54:40 Lessons from Father Grunwald
* 1:00:03 A short Yiddish lesson
* 1:02:15 Lightning Round

Ep 31 – A New Look at Water – Meet Greg Orloff

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Welcome to an episode full of tangents, when Alex and Molly sit down with Greg Orloff, CEO of The Tangent Company. Greg gives us a look at the future of water, and how his company is finding new ways to use it. You’ll also learn what a dragon boat is, and get the answer to the question: Who is Gloman? Visit www.tangentcompany.com for more information on Greg and The Tangent Company. And view a video from the most recent Dragon Boat Festival at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajSYn7bgh4o

Visit www.gertsburglaw.com/events/what-matters-most/ for more information, and to register for the talk with Meg Pauken on October 18th, “What Matters Most: Protecting and Connecting Your Family and Your Legacy”

The Chagrin Documentary Film Fest is over, but you can read more about it in the Chagrin Valley Times or on the website here: http://www.chagrinfilmfest.org/. Congratulations to Molly for winning the Audience Choice Award! Way to Go!

The Non-Profit Seminar has also passed, but let us know if you want to be informed when we have another non-profit event by sending an email to info@gertsburglaw.com.

First Responders Week was a big success. Thanks to all our local heroes! Here are a few pictures from the week:












SHOW NOTES * 1:00 Alex adventures in Chicago and Molly watches the big fight * 11:10  Welcome to Greg * 14:06 How did the water recycling company start * 15:41 Environmental benefits to water recycling * 18:00 How revolutionary is water recycling * 20:00 What is Tangent working on now & The future of Water * 22:20 Why “Tangent” & how it works * 26:25 Greg starts a business group in college * 34:30 Lessons learned from successful business leaders * 41:20 What is a Dragon boat  * 43:40 Going back to Greg’s singing days * 44:24 Lightning Round

Ep 29 – Home is a State of Mind – Meet Rick Cibik

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Join Alex and Molly on this episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. with Rick Cibik of Dairy Island in Chagrin Falls, and follow his journey to the conclusion that “home is a state of mind”. Sit down with your local ice cream peddler, as he answers the eternal question, “What’s more important than ice cream?” Tune in to discover what brought the Secret Service to Dairy Island, and find out Rick’s favorite flavor.

We invite you help us create the Best.IceCream.Ever., our official entry in the 2018 Dairy Island Create Your Own Ice Cream Contest. The winner of the 2017 contest was Take Me Out To The Ballgame by Mia Conti. Visit
www.DairyIsland.com to find out what it is, and to see the other entries in the contest.

There’s still time to register for A Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues for Today’s Non-Profit on Sept 12th at gertsburglaw.com/bravenewworld. And visit cvcc.org for more information on how you can participate in First Responders week, September 10-14th. Chamber members, plan to attend the Meet Me at 5 Networking Event on August 30th!

We just posted a link to the Pumpkin Roll Trailer on Facebook. Check it out there or at grovehillatruestory.wixsite.com/grovehill

Thanks for the keychain, Rick!



* 1:00 Alex looks for parenting validation and “channels his inner Molly”* 4:05 Molly’s Documentary is making waves with a new trailer* 6:54 Introducing Rick Cibik* 14:10 How Molly met Rick, and the upcoming chamber event at Dairy Island* 15:57 History of Dairy Island* 19:20 More than just Dairy! Food and atmosphere at Dairy Island* 23:53 Rick goes West* 25:41 Throwing parties for Cowboys and Indians* 30:09 Rick writes a book with his son and goes to film school* 35:13 Alex & Molly pitch ideas for Dairy Island* 37:18 What’s so special about the googly eyes?* 38:09 Coming back to Ohio and Dairy Island* 41:42 Rick the rock star plays drums and takes over Dairy Island* 46:05 The search for happiness* 51:20 Happiness is creating your own ice cream (best segue award)* 58:12 Lightning Round

Ep 27 – Meet Steve Millard

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In this Best.Postcast.Ever, Steve Millard talks with Molly and Alex about scotch, being a bad wrestler, and becoming Executive Director of COSE. Small business owners will be especially interested in this episode, where we learn what COSE does and learn who is the man leading the team there. Everyone will want to tune in to witness Molly’s first ever taste of scotch.

Contact Steve via his website at cose.org, where you can also find out more about the upcoming COSE Summer Networking Event on August 17th, and BizConCLE 2017 on October 12th.

To learn more about the Wenis Report – https://www.facebook.com/The-Wenis-Report-Mockumentary-336341893455629/

And see the full Simple Summer Nights Concerts schedule, visit cvcc.org

Steve interviewed Alex as part of his COSE series of interviews. Watch 3(ish) Minutes: New Trends in Law Firm Billing to hear Alex chat with Steve about innovative new billing strategies that law firms and their clients are using. Watch the video here: www.cose.org/Mind%20Your%20Business/HR/New%20Trends%20in%20Law%20Firm%20Billing.aspx


3:21 The Weenis Report
5:57 Orchestra and Blossom
7:22 Molly’s binging on Suits
9:23 Summer Concert Series
11:57 Molly hosts the Golf Outing
13:57 Steve’s intro
18:27 Scotch talk
23:57 Steve’s “fighting” days and singing in musicals
29:29 Early career – big companies can be too big then consulting
31:28 Steve becomes Executive Director of COSE
36:48 COSE offers Health Insurance
37:21 Energy checks by COSE
41:42 Small Business testimonial for COSE
44:16 COSE staff and values and culture, plus the psychology of small business owners
49:42 Building up Slavic Village through Chain Reaction
57:25 Lightning Round

Ep 25 – Kaytie and Wendy Leonard

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How do you catch a Tame Rabbit? Invite it on your podcast! Kaytie & Wendy Leonard bring their energy to Best.Podcast.Ever. and tell Alex and Molly about their brand new coffee shop in Chagrin Falls. Hear about the winding road that led them to Chagrin Falls, and learn why coffee is actually good for you! You’ll be sure to get a kick out of which “sport” Molly once lettered in. If you think you may want to watch Kaytie’s short film, listen for our new “Spoiler Alert” and skip about 25 seconds when you hear it.

Visit tamerabbit.com and follow Tame Rabbit on Facebook to find out more about the shop and their upcoming events.

More information on the Non-Profit Seminar in September can be found at gertsburglaw.com/events/bravenewworld/.



9:31 Tame Rabbit in Chagrin Falls
13:19 Going to coffee school
15:36 Living in Ireland
17:59 Kaytie’s film, “St. John” – spoiler alert (skip 0:25 sec)
19:35 Kaytie works at Fox and talks Roller Derby
22:59 Favorite books
26:50 More about Ireland
28:20 Coffee science
31:23 Golf outing & high school “sports”
35:52 Health benefits of coffee & more coffee science
48:29 Lightning round

Ep 21 – Meet Keith Latore

Alex and Molly are back to chat with Keith Latore, Founder and CEO of SaveLocalNow and SLNConnect, which is serving chambers and small business needs from “business-starting”, planning, and marketing. Besides learning about this unique digital marketing company, we discover what’s so special about Cleveland Play House, and why you don’t want to wear a borrowed suit on your first date. This episode also features the introduction of our Free Legal Tip segment. Find out more about SaveLocalNow here, or watch this video about SLNconnect. And catch Freaky Friday through May 20th at Cleveland Play House.

Enjoy the improved quality of the podcast, as Best.Podcast.Ever. upgrades it’s equipment this week. Unfortunately we were still working out the kinks during the first 10 minutes, so if you prefer, just skip ahead 10 minutes to experience the magic.

The Veteran’s Seminar mentioned in the episode has passed, but you can request information on Veterans Services at The Gertsburg Law Firm by sending a message to info@gertsburglaw.com.

Ep 18 – Meet Mary Ann Ponce

Join Alex and Molly as they interview Mary Ann Ponce, the Director of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, which won the 2017 Chagrin Valley Business of the Year Award.  Take a guess at what it takes to be Mary Ann’s favorite director. Find out what makes the CDFF different from other festivals, and stay tuned as Mary Ann shares the story of her youthful run-in with the law. Visit CDFF at www.chagrinfilmfest.org and read about David Ponce’s documentary here.

Ep 16 – Meet John Gadd

Alex and Molly meet at the intersection of creativity and business where they chat with John Gadd, owner and CEO of Hotcards. Join them as they talk company culture, marketing, and the logistics of setting yourself on fire. As a bonus, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t jump off the Chagrin Falls waterfall. Connect with John on his facebook page, or visit hotcards.com.

Ep 13 – Meet Jean Makesh

In this cerebral episode of Best.Podcast.Ever., Alex and Molly sit down with a man that is revolutionizing dementia care and the assisted living industry. Jean Makesh, CEO and founder of The Lantern Group, tells us how he is changing healthcare and why his facility is different than any other. Whether you care for someone with dementia, are interested in how our brains work, or wonder how the environment influences our behavior, this week’s episode with make you think. Visit lanternlifestyle.com and svayus.com to learn more about Jean’s projects and therapeutic approach.

For more information about the essay contest mentioned in the episode, visit gertsburglaw.com/essay.

Ep 05 – Meet Jeff Griff

Alex and Molly welcome Jeff Griff to this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. As president of the oldest surviving local business, and one of the fastest growing businesses in Northeast Ohio, Jeff shares his secrets for success. As we get a look inside his family business, we’ll also find out who lives in the greenhouse and everyone shares some of their ugliest teenage hijinks. Visit Jeff’s website at www.lowesgreenhouse.com. Learn more about the Rotary Club mentioned in the episode here: www.chagrinvalleyrotary.com. Stick with the Best.Podcast.Ever. team and watch us bloom with amazingness!


Ep 02 – Meet Jeff Hoffman

You will be sure to enjoy this, the second episode of Best.Podcast.Ever., where Alex and Molly interview Jeff Hoffman, a founder of priceline.com, author of Scale: Seven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back, motivational speaker, and Grammy award winner. Jeff discusses the traits that make a business successful, the value of entrepreneurship, and proves why he is an amazing person. Follow Jeff on twitter @SpeakerJeff.