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Ep 43 – Alex and Molly Get Personal

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By popular demand, BPE brings you an episode of Alex and Molly shooting the breeze, getting personal, and baring their souls with the Best.Listeners.Ever! How did Molly manage to see her youngest daughter off to the Big Apple? What is the big life-changing event that has been going on in Alex’s life? Did Molly finally make it to the doctor? Let our co-hosts bring more gratitude to your life in this special episode of Best.Podcast.Ever!

Check out the Tim Ferriss journal Alex refers to about 31 minutes into this episode: www.businessinsider.com/tim-ferriss-explains-his-journaling-habit-2015-9

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Learn more about Chagrin Valley Restaurant Week, February 1-13, at chagrinvalleyrestaurantweek.com.

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What’s the “Knife Skills” movie Alex and Molly keep talking about? Find out here: knifeskillsthemovie.com

Emily walking off into her future

* 1:04 Christmas light etiquette and the future of holiday lights
* 6:20 Molly delivers her offspring to New York City
* 17:23 Alex gets personal and shares his divorce with the BPE audience
* 23:12 Practicing gratitude
* 38:18 Medical update from Molly and discovers the greatest innovation in razor technology
* 50:37 Molly’s excited about her kitchen
* 54:03 Recap! And something in the air…
* 58:43 Restaurant Week Feb 1-13

Ep 42 – Business, Beer, and Beards – Meet Mark Turner

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In this week’s BPE, Alex and Molly chat with attorney Mark Turner about business, hockey, and craft beer. Mark not only tells us about business planning and litigation, but also shares the story of how he sent a hockey referee to the hospital, and how India Pale Ale got its name. Listen to Mark answer our classic lightning round questions in this unusually masculine episode. Mark can be reached at The Gertsburg Law Firm or via LinkedIn. Learn more about Open Doors Academy at www.opendoorsacademy.org. Visit the Little Free Library website at littlefreelibrary.org to learn more about getting your neighborhood a little free library.

Can you spare 2-3 hours next month to help grade essays for the 3rd Annual We Solve Problems Essay Contest? This is the first year we are letting students choose their own problem to solve, so we’re expecting lots of great essays! Scoring can be done from the comfort of your home, but if you don’t have the time, you can also support the contest by being a sponsor. Learn more by visiting www.gertsburglaw.com/essay and help the cause!

We almost forgot to take our selfie with Mark! But then we remembered and snuck in a quick one outside the studio…

* 0:55 Who is Lorna Doone?
* 1:26 A secret new creative project by Molly the documentarian
* 2:35 Introducing Mark Turner – what’s a litigator
* 4:17 A lesson in local beer and drinking at kids’ sporting events
* 8:32 Who is Mark Turner?
* 9:46 From financial manager to attorney
* 11:21 Leaving Buffalo and choosing a college
* 12:22 Beard etiquette and struggles
* 16:16 What is “Business Planning”?
* 18:20 Estate Planning vs Litigation
* 20:58 Hockey love and pain
* 25:56 Keeping clients happy as a litigator
* 28:16 Alternative fee arrange
* 33:18 Craft beer lesson
* 40:23 Serving Open Doors Academy and Little Free Libraries
* 48:22 Lightning Round
* 54:18 Wrap Up

Ep 41 – Back to School – Meet Jacob Gertsburg

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Step into the shoes of a 6th grader in this episode with Jacob Gertsburg, son of BPE host Alex Gertsburg and student at Kenston Middle School. Alex and Molly ask Jacob about middle school life, uncover what happens in the back of the bus, and find out how times have changed since they were in school. The ever-humble Jake enlightens our listeners with the latest pre-teen slang and his tips for romance in this really “gucci” episode.

Kenston Middle School will be presenting Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. on Friday, January 19 at 7pm and Saturday, January 20 at 1pm and 4pm at the Kenston High School, Robert A. Lee Auditorium.  General Admission tickets are $10, available at the door. The Box Office opens one (1) hour prior to each show.

Want to help students as they become the leaders of tomorrow? Volunteer as a judge or be a sponsor in the 2018 We Solve Problems Essay Contest. Essays will be judged at the end of February and winners awarded in May 2018. Learn more at www.gertsburglaw.com/essay.


The red blend wine that Molly was raving about


Molly made a great Santa Claus!
Christmas Cactus in the studio






* 0:55 Molly’s wine review
* 3:01 Good things in the CVCC office
* 4:02 Molly’s ADD journey
* 11:35 Introducing Jacob
* 13:23 When Jacob met Molly
* 14:44 The start of a middle-school day
* 18:30 School bus adventures
* 21:50 Gertsburg family holiday movie reviews
* 23:40 Standing up to bullies
* 24:35 Coping with relocation for gas leak
* 31:22 Lunchtime politics and How to flirt in 6th grade
* 35:21 Middle-school romance
* 38:08 What happens after school, then and now
* 43:31 Slang of today
* 47:11 Lightning Round
* 60:15 Wrap up

Ep 40 – Manage Your Money and Your Business – Meet Andrew Connors

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Kick off the new year with Alex, Molly, and Andrew Connors, a Certified Financial Planner and Partner at Fairport Asset Management. Prepare for the future with Andrew’s top tips for young people and for business owners, and find out the difference between a wealth manager and a financial planner. This episode will transport you back to the holiday season when Molly was feeling festive and Alex revealed his kryptonite in a bag of mixed nuts. And we ask the eternal question: how many items constitute a “collection”?

Get in touch with Andrew through www.fairportasset.com or on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/andrewconnors/. Interested listeners can read his thought paper on “Minding Your Business”, a new program for business owners about how to align personal, family and business goals, linked here on the BPE website.

The 2018 We Solve Problems Essay Contest is looking for judges and sponsors. Members of the community and business leaders are invited to visit www.wesolveproblems-essay.com to learn more and to sign up through the month of January. Help shape the leaders of tomorrow, as they compete to solve problems and communicate those solutions in a short essay.

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In case you missed it… here is the honorary Gebler chair at Burntwood Tavern
Was Alex channeling his inner Molly in this picture from Thanksgiving?









* 1:05 One Year of Best.Podcast.Ever.
* 2:18 Alex has an allergic reaction to nuts
* 3:56 Trying some Mushroom Tea during flu season
* 6:52 Molly’s VIP chair at Burntwood Tavern
* 8:22 Alex saw Dead and Company and approves of John Mayer
* 9:25 When Molly started feeling festive during the holiday season; not so much for Alex
* 11:29 Introducing Andrew
* 14:24 What Andrew is doing with those belt buckles
* 19:05 What’s the difference between Wealth Management and Financial Advising
* 21:48 Common requests and Andrew’s advice for young people
* 27:48 “Andrew’s Commandments”
* 29:54 An Andrew-Commandment for personal finances: “Treat yourself as a business”
* 32:51 How technology can help with personal finances
* 34:26 Working with clients and building relationships
* 36:28 Who is the “right fit” client
* 39:50 Best Advice for business owners
* 43:36 Best Advice for individuals
* 45:20 Lightning Round
* 58:30 What is Exit Planning

Ep 39 – Astonishing Stories and Stylish Socks – Meet K James Sullivan

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Enjoy some astonishing stories as we welcome K James Sullivan to the studio, Chair of Calfee’s Insurance Recovery Group and Chair of the Board of the CMBA Committee on Mental Health and Wellness. After Molly and Alex share their harrowing stories of the big Northeast Ohio storm, James is peppered with inane questions and we learn so much… What’s the “K” stand for? Who really spilled the bottle of Louis XIV? Why did his pants make a big impression when he started his job? Why wouldn’t his mom let him watch Nick-at-Nite? How did James win the in-law lottery? Best.Podcast.Ever. closes out 2017 with this pleasant conversation. From all of us at BPE, we wish you a safe and happy new year!

Get in touch with James at Calfee by visiting calfee.com/professionals/k-james-sullivan/ or via his profile on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/kjamessullivan

The We Solve Problems Essay Contest is requesting business groups to be judges and read a few short essays for this year’s contest. Sign up at www.wesolveproblems-essay.com or send an email to essay@gertsburglaw.com for more information. Or be like James, who was a judge AND a sponsor last year!

CoverMySix is a one-stop legal audit for your business, led by award-winning litigators and in-house counsel at The Gertsburg Law Firm. CM6 minimizes your exposure to lawsuits, investigations, disgruntled employees and customers, and all the damage that comes with them. Go to CoverMySix.com to learn how we keep you safe by covering yours.
Don’t get sued. Cover Your Six.

KJS and his funky socks
The Big Storm causes major damage in Chagrin Falls








* 1:00 A Big Storm Strikes Northeast Ohio
* 12:45 Driving with the Geblers
* 14:20 Introducing James
* 20:50 First impressions
* 27:30 What happens when you wear a tight suit
* 30:50 An astonishing bird poop story
* 33:42 Chagrin Falls love
* 34:58 Where law and insurance meet
* 42:51 Top three practical insurance tips
* 45:11 What does it look like when James is stressed out
* 50:28 What the CMBA Mental Health & Wellness Committee does
* 53:01 How James avoids getting stressed
* 54:45 KJS: Fashion Guru
* 56:43 Lightning Round
* 1:21:58 Short sample of music by Burial (Lambeth) – hear the full song at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI8Gft90-wc

Ep 08 Rebroadcast – Meet Santa Claus

Download Episode Here
Download Episode Here

For the holiday season, BPE brings you our first rebroadcast with the one and only Santa Claus himself, recorded in 2016 at Santa’s Hideaway Hollow. This episode will take you back to the early days of BPE, when we were using less than ideal equipment. We tried to improve the quality for this year, but if anything, it certainly makes us appreciate our new equipment and how far we’ve come.

Alex and Molly traveled far and wide for this, their first remote episode, and made their way to Santa’s Hideaway Hollow to visit St. Nick himself. Just in time for the holidays, tune in to find out how Santa chose his career path and listen in as he takes a phone request from someone on his nice list. Hear about the thousands of sick children he has visited along the way. As an added bonus you may even find out where French Bread Pizza comes from (it’s not France!). Join us and get in the holiday spirit with Santa’s friend Bill on location in Middlefield, Ohio. Learn more about Hideaway Hollow here: http://www.santashideawayhollow.com/


0:15 BPE tapes in a remote location
3:11 Starting out in Seminary School
5:24 Working at Stouffers and how he invented French Bread Pizza
14:14 Becoming Santa
20:08 First impressions of Santa’s Hideaway Hollow
22:16 What it’s like to be Santa and who is allowed to come to Hideaway Hollow
25:40 Bringing Christmas joy to the kids most in need and their families
29:50 How Santa and his helpers stay strong in the most difficult times
32:31 Santa answers a call on the air
35:35 The hardest questions don’t come from the kids
39:28 A typical visit to Santa’s Hideaway Hollow
43:01 What’s on Santa’s wish list?
47:23 Lightning Round

Ep 38 – Realty Talk – Meet Michael Henry

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Join Alex and Molly this week with Michael Henry, President of the Henry Group at Keller Williams Realty, as they follow his story to Haiti and then back to the Chagrin Valley. What was it like to be in Haiti during the 2011 earthquake? What’s so special about the Chagrin Valley? Does Molly need a Wikipedia page? Behold the answers to these questions and more in this here Best.Podcast.Ever!

Get in touch with Michael by visiting his website ChagrinValleyRealty.com, via LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/michael-henry-2232735/), or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/HGagents/).

Stay tuned after the interview for a 10 minute Legal Talk with Gene Friedman on Real Estate Leases. We’ve all seen one, whether for home or business, as a tenant or investor. But are you sure your real estate lease is valid and enforceable? When does it need to be notarized? Should you have an attorney involved? Listen to this talk to gain more confidence in your lease agreements.

Watch the Chagrin Falls video featuring Molly’s voiceover at www.chagrinvalleyrealty.com/area/chagrin-falls-ohio-real-estate/

Be a judge or be a sponsor for the 2018 We Solve Problems Essay Contest! Learn more at www.gertsburglaw.com/essay/

CoverMySix is a one-stop legal audit for your business, led by award-winning litigators and in-house counsel at The Gertsburg Law Firm. CM6 minimizes your exposure to lawsuits, investigations, disgruntled employees and customers, and all the damage that comes with them. Go to CoverMySix.com to learn how we keep you safe by covering yours.
Don’t get sued. Cover Your Six.

The Geblers are offically recognized at Burntwood Tavern
Molly was showing her CF pride








* 1:05 Molly’s successful hire
* 2:19 Current Events and Reflections on Sexual Harassment
* 6:10 The Cavs treat their fans well
* 6:50 Movie Chat – Wonder, My Little Brony
* 9:56 Nelly stops in
* 11:04 Introducing Michael Henry
* 13:11 Michael arrives
* 14:50 Joining the Peace Corps and going to Haiti
* 28:01 Voodoo in Haiti
* 30:29 Experiencing the 2011 earthquake and a close call
* 40:52 Back to Haiti after Peace Corps
* 46:03 Jumping into the Real Estate world
* 49:01 Breaking News – Upcoming changes The Michael Henry Group at Keller Williams Reality
* 50:13 Realtor Ethics and Real Estate in the Chagrin Valley
* 57:01 How the Michael Henry experience is different
* 59:47 What is a Campion Award?
* 1:01:49 Love for Chagrin Falls
* 1:03:56 Lightning Round
* 1:18:30 Legal Tip with Gene Friedman

Ep 37 – Fun with Insurance – Meet Craig Lyndall

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Believe it or not, we can talk about insurance and have fun at the same time, which is what happens when Alex and Molly interview Craig Lyndall of Lyndall Insurance, Waiting For Next Year sports podcast, and sponsor of the many exciting community events you’ve heard about. We talk classic movies, creative marketing, working with family, and Cleveland Sports, with a bit of “Insurance for Dummies” in the mix. Check out more new lightning round questions to find out what everyone is binging on, and what Gwen Stefani and Jon Bon Jovi have in common.

Learn more about Lyndall Insurance at LyndallInsurance.com and follow them on Facebook to find out about upcoming events. Visit the website for Craig’s podcast at WaitingForNextYear.com and follow him on twitter at @WFNYCraig. If you’d like to check out Craig’s album, “The Company Line”, it is on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/35ExIeLft6Kgs4ZIbaUrPj

Cover My Six is a unique, confidential, attorney-led company legal audit that identifies and then addresses the six areas most likely to cause you legal exposure for damages, fines, and attorneys’ fees. Visit covermysix.com to learn more.

Be sure to visit www.wesolveproblems-essay.com and find out how to volunteer and/or donate to the 3rd Annual Essay Contest.

Molly as a Pink Lady with her father on Halloween this year


* 1:06 Where is your chamber certificate?
* 2:09 Introducing Craig
* 3:50 Halloween memories and movies
* 4:47 Lyndall Insurance bringing back classic movies
* 6:51 Creative Marketing and how Craig brings his interests to work
* 10:10 Bringing Kid-friendly music to the area and “kids these days”…
* 14:46 Being a creative person
* 17:11 Working with family
* 19:55 The insurance business
* 20:42 Insurance for businesses
* 24:32 How insurers get paid
* 29:28 Innovation and technology in insurance
* 33:34 Cleveland sports woes
* 41:39 Pre-Lightning Round (with new questions!)
* 51:46 Actual Lightning Round

Bonus Episode – Admiral McRaven’s Lessons from Navy Seal Training with Steve Bales

Download Episode Here

Want to feel inspired? Alex, Molly, and Steve Bales had a conversation during his visit about Admiral William H. McRaven’s University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address. In the address, Admiral McRaven shares lessons that he learned from Navy Seal Training, and then Steve tells us why he thinks everyone should listen to it. Listen to the speech and hear their commentary in this bonus episode of Best.Podcast.Ever.

You can watch the commencement address at www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxBQLFLei70. Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, BJ ’77, is ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command, Texas Exes Life Member, and Distinguished Alumnus.

Steve’s full episode was posted last week: Ep 36 – Lessons in Leadership – Meet Steve Bales

Ep 36 – Lessons in Leadership – Meet Steve Bales

Download Episode Here
This Thanksgiving week, Alex and Molly talk values with Mr. Steve Bales, Managing Partner at Ziegler Metzger, Eagle Scout, and Red Cross volunteer.
We dig into the meaning of leadership and what it takes to be a good leader. Do you know what it takes to stay with the same firm for 30 years? If you said commitment, you’re right! Tune in to this episode and find out when a leader eats and to hear our new lightning round question (which Steve knocks out of the park).

Learn more about the Young Professionals Council at the American Red Cross by contacting Steve directly at www.zieglermetzger.com or his LinkedIn page at www.linkedin.com/in/stephenmbales/

Read the “Lessons on Leadership by a Janitor” mentioned in the episode at www.homeofheroes.com/profiles/profiles_crawford_10lessons.html, or watch the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3jGOfLnUWI

Render Crayton POW/MIA bracelet Steve wears everyday




* 0:50 Molly’s migraines
* 5:34 Molly at the haunted house
* 7:09 Who likes scary movies?
* 8:32 Introducing Steve
* 11:17 When Alex met Steve at the Union Club
* 13:37 What makes a good leader
* 20:46 Lessons from leading a law firm
* 24:07 Management vs Leadership and How to move a law office
* 30:46 Alex and Molly start a guilt trip business
* 32:31 What “Commitment” really means, and how to stay with the same firm for 30 years
* 38:06 Steve’s successful habits
* 43:21 Why Steve wears a POW/MIA bracelet everyday
* 52:09 Volunteerism, Service, and the Red Cross
* 59:42 Lightning Round
* 1:38:49 Girls in the Boy Scouts


Ep 35 – Making History and Helping Animals – Meet Dr. Evan Morse

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Take a walk through history with Dr. Evan Morse, the first African-American veterinarian in the state of Ohio. Evan shares with us the poetry that has inspired him, the story of marching in Selma with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and how he helped the Cleveland jazz scene spread from its humble beginnings. How did walking a tiger on a leash get him started in TV? What goes on inside the mind of a fly fisherman? What are “the bends”? Why are Alex and Molly fighting? Download or stream this audio treasure to find out the answers to these questions, and more!

Learn more about Warrensville Heights Animal Center and the Free Animal Clinic at http://warrensvilleanimalcenter.com/
The Trout Club that Evan mentions in the interview is at www.cmnh.org/troutclub

Dr. Morse in studio
Award presented on 50th anniversary of Selma to Montgomery Marches 1965







* 0:50 Alex and Molly’s first fight
* 4:55 Introducing Evan
* 7:10 Meet Brooklyn the dog, and facts about the Brooklyn Bridge
* 9:20 why Molly loves Evan, and Alex wonders whether exotic animals be pets
* 13:23 Dr. Morse arrives
* 14:40 Evan stays in Tuskegee University and how a Langston Hughes poem from his mother inspired him
* 17:49 Why he became a veterinarian and discovering prehistoric human-animal bond
* 21:53 Evan weighs in on exotic pets
* 23:18 Marching in Selma and hearing MLK speak, and training for the resistance
* 30:35 The dream lives on… after the march.
* 31:53 How Dr. Rickards got Evan to come to Cleveland and why they started the Free Animal Clinic
* 36:07 Evan spreads jazz in Cleveland
* 42:17 Passion for fly fishing and Evan’s many TV appearances
* 45:58 Fly fishing as meditation
* 51:38 Lightning Round

We found lots of news articles and features about Dr. Morse. Here are a few for further reading:

Ep 34 – School House Rock – Meet Nancy Santilli

Download Episode Here
Have you met Kenston Superintendent Nancy Santilli? Find out what happens on a typical day in the life of a Superintendent when she joins Alex and Molly in this energetic episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. Listen to find out what makes the Kenston campus special, what you should eat before flying with the Blue Angels, and how you make a chicken fly. For more information about Kenston, go to www.kenstonlocal.org, Kenston School District on Facebook, and on twitter @KenstonSchools and follow Nancy @KenstonSuper.

Please note, this episode was recorded on September 25th, 2017, and the recent events at Kenston schools are not discussed in the interview.

Video from last year’s Geauga County Fair Chicken Flying Contest can be viewed at https://gtvreplays.viebit.com/player.php?hash=izPeXWsjaZtb. The superintendents compete at the 30:45 mark. Read about the 2017 Contest at www.geaugamapleleaf.com/news/feathers-fly-at-first-day-of-fair/.

Stay tuned after the episode for a 10-Minute Legal Talk with Max Julian of The Gertsburg Law Firm. Learn which provisions are essential in an enforceable contract as Max explains contracts for those of us that don’t have a law degree.

The judge and sponsor sign-up has begun for the 2018 We Solve Problems Essay Contest. Please visit www.wesolveproblems-essay.com to read more and sign-up to help us make history.

CLE Urban Winery’s First Responders bottle
Challenge Coin and Graduation Gift
Kenston honors First Responders
Nancy and the winning chicken
Kenston’s Wind Turbine



* 1:16 Coffee Shop Complaints * 2:26 Grove Hill Premiere Excitement * 4:51 Third Annual We Solve Problems Essay Contest * 6:46 Best.Livestream.Ever? * 8:46 Introducing Nancy * 11:16 She arrives bearing gifts * 14:56 When Molly met Nancy (and her entourage) and love for Burntwood Tavern * 16:56 First Responders get recognized at Football Games * 18:12 How Nancy spins so many plates in her job * 22:16 A Day in the Life of a Superintendent: School House Rock  * 26:39 From Principal to Superintendent * 28:16 An educator from the beginning * 31:48 What makes Kenston different * 35:52 Taking care of teachers * 38:00 Nancy goes to Boot Camp and why she gives Challenge Coins to students * 41:34 How to fly with Blue Angels * 47:06 How Nancy got a chicken to fly * 50:56 Essay Contest rivalry * 54:07 Lightning Round * 1:14:28 Legal Tip with Max Julian

Ep 33 – Joe vs The Hurricane – Meet Joe Jacobs

Download Episode Here
What did you do when you heard Hurricane Irma was coming to Florida? Eagle Scout and Owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, Joe Jacobs, decided to do something to help. Listen to his incredible story of delivering supplies to hurricane victims in the most devastated parts of Florida. You’ll be amazed by this first-hand account of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, and the human obstacles Joe and his team faced. Join Alex and Molly on this audio journey through surprises and success in this captivating episode.

Visit Joe and Chagrin Home Improvements at www.ChagrinHomeImprovements.com or on their Facebook page. Photos from Joe’s story can be viewed at www.thebestpodcastever.com/irmaphotos


What do you think? Does Joe Jacobs look like Jon Fishman of Phish?


* 1:33 How Joe came to be on the show
* 3:10 Joe comes from Florida to Ohio
* 6:42 starting Chagrin Home Improvement
* 7:40 driving trucks to Florida
* 11:05 what it’s like to be in a Hurricane Wilma
* 14:10 deciding to make the drive, and to put in the truck?
* 18:16 gathering supplies and men
* 23:40 the first encounter with danger
* 28:10 finding a safe space to ride the storm out
* 30:10 Tampa – calm before the storm
* 32:40 the game plan and Hurricane Irma hits
* 35:40 trying to find the need in the aftermath
* 42:40 Heading south and talking their way into the Florida Keys
* 48:57 Why people stay during a storm
* 50:48 Finding destruction in Key West, people roaming the streets, and cars on top of hills
* 56:30 Making a difference
* 1:00:10 Clearing roads and facing pushback from locals
* 1:03:40 Finding where he’s meant to be and making donations count
* 1:11:40 One last stop before going home
* 1:14:08 Lightning Round

Ep 32 – Interview with a Mensch – Meet Gary Grunwald

Download Episode Here
Meet the always positive, Gary Grunwald, jeweler, watchmaker, appraiser, numismatist, and President of Nicholas Jewelers and Cleveland Coin and Currency. Molly and Alex grill Gary on how he went from being a paramedic to being a jeweler, Yiddish words, and his unusually large… pet? Listen to find out where the Cavs players appraise their jewelry and which Planet of the Apes character he named his daughter after. Learn more about Nicholas Jewelers at www.nicholasjewelers.com, and visit Cleveland Coin and Currency at clevelandcoinandcurrency.com.

The event on October 18th with Meg Pauken, “What Matters Most: Your Family and Your Legacy” was a success. If you were unable to attend, but would still like to learn about preparing for a health crisis or Charitable Family Foundations, get in touch with the Gertsburg Law Firm at info@gertsburglaw.com

The premiere of Grove Hill: A True Story was on October 4th. View the trailer at www.facebook.com/Grove-Hill-A-True-Story-Documentary-1127664883968151/. Here are some photos from the event:

The premiere of Grove Hill before the Documentary Film Festival
Fans watch the documentary at the premiere
More inspiration from Village Herb Shop











* 1:00 First Responders Week
* 6:20 A perfect father-daughter walking tour of Chagrin Falls
* 11:25 What is a life well-lived?
* 17:25 Introducing Gary Grunwald
* 18:40 How a good Jew cheers you up
* 19:43 Gary comes in and explains how he’s so positive
* 23:00 How Gary became a paramedic and how shaped him
* 27:40 The craziest thing Gary saw as a paramedic
* 29:00 From paramedic to jeweler
* 33:04 Gary’s high pain tolerance
* 35:14 Gary becomes a jeweler and the birth of Nicholas Jewelers
* 38:40 Who is Nicholas?
* 42:44 The Jewish Fred Sanford? Gary loves coins & antiquities
* 45:15 The characters of Nicholas Jewelers and a jeweler’s perspective
* 48:40 Celebrity sightings
* 51:03 Gary’s large pet
* 52:22 The Grunwald Clan
* 54:40 Lessons from Father Grunwald
* 1:00:03 A short Yiddish lesson
* 1:02:15 Lightning Round

Ep 31 – A New Look at Water – Meet Greg Orloff

Download Episode Here
Welcome to an episode full of tangents, when Alex and Molly sit down with Greg Orloff, CEO of The Tangent Company. Greg gives us a look at the future of water, and how his company is finding new ways to use it. You’ll also learn what a dragon boat is, and get the answer to the question: Who is Gloman? Visit www.tangentcompany.com for more information on Greg and The Tangent Company. And view a video from the most recent Dragon Boat Festival at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajSYn7bgh4o

Visit www.gertsburglaw.com/events/what-matters-most/ for more information, and to register for the talk with Meg Pauken on October 18th, “What Matters Most: Protecting and Connecting Your Family and Your Legacy”

The Chagrin Documentary Film Fest is over, but you can read more about it in the Chagrin Valley Times or on the website here: http://www.chagrinfilmfest.org/. Congratulations to Molly for winning the Audience Choice Award! Way to Go!

The Non-Profit Seminar has also passed, but let us know if you want to be informed when we have another non-profit event by sending an email to info@gertsburglaw.com.

First Responders Week was a big success. Thanks to all our local heroes! Here are a few pictures from the week:












SHOW NOTES * 1:00 Alex adventures in Chicago and Molly watches the big fight * 11:10  Welcome to Greg * 14:06 How did the water recycling company start * 15:41 Environmental benefits to water recycling * 18:00 How revolutionary is water recycling * 20:00 What is Tangent working on now & The future of Water * 22:20 Why “Tangent” & how it works * 26:25 Greg starts a business group in college * 34:30 Lessons learned from successful business leaders * 41:20 What is a Dragon boat  * 43:40 Going back to Greg’s singing days * 44:24 Lightning Round

Bonus episode – 10-minute meditation with John Cunningham

Download Episode Here
Did you enjoy last week’s episode with John Cunningham? Want to give meditation a try? Go for it with this 10-minute guided meditation. Better yet, dedicate 10 minutes a day to treat your mind right. The meditation starts about 45 seconds into the episode.

Thanks for giving your time, John!

Learn more about Insight Meditation of Cleveland at www.imcleveland.org


Ep 30 – It’s Always Now – Meet John Cunningham

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Find your peace with John Cunningham, meditation teacher and gentle voice of wisdom, as he visits the BPE studio to chat with Alex and guest co-host Nelly. Have you ever been punched in the face with soothing kindness? Take a retreat from your day and give it a try. John shares some insights into Insight Meditation in our most insightful episode to date, including tips on how to be a mindful parent. Find more information about local meditation groups and the upcoming retreat on October 13-15 at www.imcleveland.org.

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a talk with Meg Pauken, the newest member of the Gertsburg Law team. What is Estate Planning and who is it for? What should you put into your Estate Plan? Get the answers in just 10 minutes.

**John leads a 10-minute meditation in the bonus episode posted here: http://wp.me/p89NHR-69**

If you have any comments or questions for any of our guests, please post them on the episode’s page at www.thebestpodcastever.com. Let us know what questions you wish we would have asked, or what you like and don’t like about that show. We’d love to hear from you!

* 7:45 Bonus Legal Tip – How much of the law should you consider with friends and neighbors &
the “Attractive Nuisance Ordinance”
* 14:52 John arrives
* 16:27 Mindfulness vs Meditation
* 25:08 Meditation is for everyone
* 26:07 Psychology of Mindfulness
* 28:19 How John found Meditation and came to be a teacher
* 35:36 What is “Insight Meditation”
* 37:15 Alex is finally Silent (at a retreat)
* 43:07 Changing the way you approach your problems & more on how Insight Meditation works
* 46:51 The “right” way to meditate
* 48:50 Mindful Parenting
* 1:00:51 Changing behavior by teaching skills
* 1:02:39 Never too late to start being a mindful parent
* 1:07:37 Lightning Round
* 1:19:46 Meg Pauken discusses Estate Planning


Ep 29 – Home is a State of Mind – Meet Rick Cibik

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Join Alex and Molly on this episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. with Rick Cibik of Dairy Island in Chagrin Falls, and follow his journey to the conclusion that “home is a state of mind”. Sit down with your local ice cream peddler, as he answers the eternal question, “What’s more important than ice cream?” Tune in to discover what brought the Secret Service to Dairy Island, and find out Rick’s favorite flavor.

We invite you help us create the Best.IceCream.Ever., our official entry in the 2018 Dairy Island Create Your Own Ice Cream Contest. The winner of the 2017 contest was Take Me Out To The Ballgame by Mia Conti. Visit
www.DairyIsland.com to find out what it is, and to see the other entries in the contest.

There’s still time to register for A Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues for Today’s Non-Profit on Sept 12th at gertsburglaw.com/bravenewworld. And visit cvcc.org for more information on how you can participate in First Responders week, September 10-14th. Chamber members, plan to attend the Meet Me at 5 Networking Event on August 30th!

We just posted a link to the Pumpkin Roll Trailer on Facebook. Check it out there or at grovehillatruestory.wixsite.com/grovehill

Thanks for the keychain, Rick!



* 1:00 Alex looks for parenting validation and “channels his inner Molly”* 4:05 Molly’s Documentary is making waves with a new trailer* 6:54 Introducing Rick Cibik* 14:10 How Molly met Rick, and the upcoming chamber event at Dairy Island* 15:57 History of Dairy Island* 19:20 More than just Dairy! Food and atmosphere at Dairy Island* 23:53 Rick goes West* 25:41 Throwing parties for Cowboys and Indians* 30:09 Rick writes a book with his son and goes to film school* 35:13 Alex & Molly pitch ideas for Dairy Island* 37:18 What’s so special about the googly eyes?* 38:09 Coming back to Ohio and Dairy Island* 41:42 Rick the rock star plays drums and takes over Dairy Island* 46:05 The search for happiness* 51:20 Happiness is creating your own ice cream (best segue award)* 58:12 Lightning Round

Ep 28 – Meet Becky McMahon

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Becky McMahon, Executive Director of Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association and Bar Foundation, sits down with Alex and Molly to share her story and all the exciting things happening in the world of Cleveland law. Hear her passion for Ohio State Football, glimpse inside the Ohio State Supreme Court, and find out why Cleveland was once considered a “two-bar town”. This episode is a bring-your-daughter-to-the-podcast day with guest audience members, Emily and Natalie.

Be sure to visit cmba.org for all the upcoming events mentioned in this episode, including the Small Solo Expo, Wellness Initiatives, and info on the Leadership Academy.

Visit www.gertsburglaw.com/bravenewworld for information on the Non-Profit Seminar on September 12th.

Plus, here are links to the Pumpkin Roll documentary and Chagrin Documentary Film Festival website:
grovehillatruestory.wixsite.com/grovehill/ and www.chagrinfilmfest.org

Our selfie with Becky was unfortunately lost in cyberspace, but here is Diane Hyland (John Travolta’s first wife). Word is they look alike…

– 1:40 Molly’s perfect vacation & kids’ birthday parties- 3:33 Big news about the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival- 11:57 Introducing Becky McMahon- 15:53 summertime self-discipline challenge- 19:23 CMBA and its history- 24:44 CMBA helping small law firms & new wellness initiatives- 35:40 How a psychology degree helps at the Bar Association and how Becky chose Smith College- 38:41 Young Becky considers her career path and grows up with Ohio State Football – 41:02 Becky has fun in law school and we shows us the inside a Supreme Court – 47:39 Becky takes her own cases at Benesch & Key Bank- 51:24 Working at Tri-C and having an impact in the community- 53:14 The future of the Law Field- 58:14 Rainbow Babies & serving on boards- 1:00:26 Non-Profit Seminar / Strategic Planning for Non-Profits- 1:02:16 Becky is proud of the first Leadership Academy- 1:04:34 Lightning Round

Ep 27 – Meet Steve Millard

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In this Best.Postcast.Ever, Steve Millard talks with Molly and Alex about scotch, being a bad wrestler, and becoming Executive Director of COSE. Small business owners will be especially interested in this episode, where we learn what COSE does and learn who is the man leading the team there. Everyone will want to tune in to witness Molly’s first ever taste of scotch.

Contact Steve via his website at cose.org, where you can also find out more about the upcoming COSE Summer Networking Event on August 17th, and BizConCLE 2017 on October 12th.

To learn more about the Wenis Report – https://www.facebook.com/The-Wenis-Report-Mockumentary-336341893455629/

And see the full Simple Summer Nights Concerts schedule, visit cvcc.org

Steve interviewed Alex as part of his COSE series of interviews. Watch 3(ish) Minutes: New Trends in Law Firm Billing to hear Alex chat with Steve about innovative new billing strategies that law firms and their clients are using. Watch the video here: www.cose.org/Mind%20Your%20Business/HR/New%20Trends%20in%20Law%20Firm%20Billing.aspx


3:21 The Weenis Report
5:57 Orchestra and Blossom
7:22 Molly’s binging on Suits
9:23 Summer Concert Series
11:57 Molly hosts the Golf Outing
13:57 Steve’s intro
18:27 Scotch talk
23:57 Steve’s “fighting” days and singing in musicals
29:29 Early career – big companies can be too big then consulting
31:28 Steve becomes Executive Director of COSE
36:48 COSE offers Health Insurance
37:21 Energy checks by COSE
41:42 Small Business testimonial for COSE
44:16 COSE staff and values and culture, plus the psychology of small business owners
49:42 Building up Slavic Village through Chain Reaction
57:25 Lightning Round

Ep 26 – Go Ask Alex

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How well do you know your friendly local business lawyer, Alex Gertsburg? Molly shows off some masterful interviewing skills to deconstruct her BPE co-host, a young immigrant to America, who joined the army, went to Iraq, and started his own law firm. We learn who has most influenced him and how a Spelling Bee continues to haunt him today. This episode features a Phish song from Lake Tahoe on 7-31-13.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us! We’d like to get to know you – Who are you and where are you? What do you think of the show so far? Send us an email at bestpodcastever1@gmail.com, or connect with us on Facebook.

10:12  Coming to America  30:42 Joining the Army   33:06 When Alex knew he wanted to be a lawyer   36:54 Alex goes to Iraq, leads convoys of soldiers, and discusses the war   54:15 Starting a law career and opening a law firm, including a legal tip for businesses      1:02:42 Lightning Round

Ep 25 – Kaytie and Wendy Leonard

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How do you catch a Tame Rabbit? Invite it on your podcast! Kaytie & Wendy Leonard bring their energy to Best.Podcast.Ever. and tell Alex and Molly about their brand new coffee shop in Chagrin Falls. Hear about the winding road that led them to Chagrin Falls, and learn why coffee is actually good for you! You’ll be sure to get a kick out of which “sport” Molly once lettered in. If you think you may want to watch Kaytie’s short film, listen for our new “Spoiler Alert” and skip about 25 seconds when you hear it.

Visit tamerabbit.com and follow Tame Rabbit on Facebook to find out more about the shop and their upcoming events.

More information on the Non-Profit Seminar in September can be found at gertsburglaw.com/events/bravenewworld/.



9:31 Tame Rabbit in Chagrin Falls
13:19 Going to coffee school
15:36 Living in Ireland
17:59 Kaytie’s film, “St. John” – spoiler alert (skip 0:25 sec)
19:35 Kaytie works at Fox and talks Roller Derby
22:59 Favorite books
26:50 More about Ireland
28:20 Coffee science
31:23 Golf outing & high school “sports”
35:52 Health benefits of coffee & more coffee science
48:29 Lightning round

How do you listen?

The team here at Best.Podcast.Ever. hopes you had a fun and safe holiday with your friends and family! We’ll be back next week with more amazing interviews with amazing people. In the meantime, please take a short poll we’ve created on facebook to tell us how you listen to your favorite podcasts (it’s only 1 question)…


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Ep 24 – Meet Larry Morrow

This week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. brings you Larry Morrow, “The Voice of Cleveland”, who tells Alex and Molly what it’s like to interview presidents, Telly Savalas, Barbara Walters, and Neil Diamond. He also lets us know what to do when the Pentagon calls, and shares the creative way he got into the jingle writing business. See photos, along with information on his communication and leadership program, at www.LarryMorrow.com. To read even more great stories from his career, order his book, This is Larry Morrow…, on Amazon or your local bookstore.


8:45 How Larry developed his voice
14:09 How he knew his purpose and got his start
20:35 Memorable interviews
25:17 Vietnam experience / Interviewing soldiers
34:09 More memorable Interviews & Awards
36:32 Jingle writing experience
45:27 interviewing Neil Diamond
48:25 Lightning Round

Ep 23 – Meet Samantha Evers

This week on Best.Podcast.”Evers”, we meet Samantha Evers, Intervention Specialist and daughter of our very own Molly Gebler. Sam shares inspiring stories from helping children with disabilities and teaching in inner city classrooms. What’s it like to sing for the Pope? Can Alex survive in a room full of Geblers? The answers lay within this thought-provoking episode. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn, and sign the pledge to stop using the “r-word” at r-word.org. Also, check out the full schedule for the Simple Summer Nights Concert Series at cvcc.org.

Are you on instagram? Want to see Molly’s artsy side? You’ll find it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/WaC1ACGUrq/?taken-by=mgebler



1:41 Molly was Trapped and Alex goes Boating
9:14 Baywatch Movie
11:06 Simple Summer Nights Concert Series
14:13 The BPE team makes new habits
16:00 Molly tells us about having Sam
21:58 Teach 4 America
23:20 Teaching students with disabilities
24:44 Sam gets her start with Kayla
29:44 Increasing rates of Autism
33:29 Teaching inner city students
40:23 What parents can do for their children
45:28 Singing for the Pope
49:42 The “r-word”
1:00:55 Lightning Round

Best.Podcast.Ever: Making your ears feel good

We’ve been trying to improve the podcast every week, and recently upgraded our equipment. Have you heard the past few episodes? What do you think? We think it sounds a lot better! And we have some great guests scheduled for the next few episodes, so be sure you’re subscribed for updates here on the website and our facebook page. If you listen and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, be sure to rate us so other listeners can discover our show. It only takes a minute and we’d really appreciate it!

Ep 22 – Meet Nate Haskell

Alex and guest co-host Nelly get to know musician and lawyer Nate Haskell on this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. Nate helps us make sense of Securities Law what a Securities Lawyer does for small businesses. How exactly does a music teacher become a lawyer? Feed your brain with some jazz history and critique, and tune in for our second Free Legal Tip on what you must do when starting a home business.

Connect with Nate on LinkedIn or by contacting The Gertsburg Law Firm. Learn more about the Roberto Ocasio Foundation here and consider supporting Latin Jazz camp for promising music students.

Note: The Non-Profit Seminar that was described in the show has been rescheduled for September. Check back on The Gertsburg Law Firm Events Page, or follow GLF on Facebook to find out the new date is announced.

As mentioned in the show





12:05 – What is a Securities and Corporate Lawyer
18:18 – Legal Tip: What you must do when starting a home business
23:45 – What is “LLC” and why is it important
29:38 – Why enter Law School
34:15 – The difference between a Litigator and a Transactional lawyer
39:43 – Connection between Law & Martial Arts
48:34 – Latin Music & Jazz
58:02 – Roberto Ocasio Band
1:02:29 – Lightening Round
1:16:21 – Current Projects

Ep 21 – Meet Keith Latore

Alex and Molly are back to chat with Keith Latore, Founder and CEO of SaveLocalNow and SLNConnect, which is serving chambers and small business needs from “business-starting”, planning, and marketing. Besides learning about this unique digital marketing company, we discover what’s so special about Cleveland Play House, and why you don’t want to wear a borrowed suit on your first date. This episode also features the introduction of our Free Legal Tip segment. Find out more about SaveLocalNow here, or watch this video about SLNconnect. And catch Freaky Friday through May 20th at Cleveland Play House.

Enjoy the improved quality of the podcast, as Best.Podcast.Ever. upgrades it’s equipment this week. Unfortunately we were still working out the kinks during the first 10 minutes, so if you prefer, just skip ahead 10 minutes to experience the magic.

The Veteran’s Seminar mentioned in the episode has passed, but you can request information on Veterans Services at The Gertsburg Law Firm by sending a message to info@gertsburglaw.com.

Ep 20 – Meet Bob Hunt and Shannon Beach

Celebrate our 20th episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. with our first double
guest episode, as Alex and Molly welcome Chagrin Falls Schools power couple Bob Hunt and Shannon Beach to the show. Be inspired to live extraordinarily as they tell us how they are overcoming the hardest
struggle any parent can face, and how they used their experience to start LifExtraordinary, which supports pediatric cancer research and families affected by pediatric cancer. Get to know how their infant son’s battle with cancer inspired them and the whole community to live with purpose. Visit the LifExtraordinary Facebook page, for more information about the organization and the Sweet Corn Challenge on July 30th in Richfield, Ohio – they are looking for more participants and sponsors!

Ep 19 – Meet Jim Lawniczak

We dare you to find a more interesting bankruptcy lawyer than James Lawniczak, who sat down with Alex and Molly on this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. History buffs will enjoy learning where in the world bankruptcy started, and we’ll all find another reason to love our country. If you don’t know what a numismatist is, you will after this episode!
Get in touch with Jim through LinkedIn, and read about his upcoming publication here.

Ep 18 – Meet Mary Ann Ponce

Join Alex and Molly as they interview Mary Ann Ponce, the Director of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, which won the 2017 Chagrin Valley Business of the Year Award.  Take a guess at what it takes to be Mary Ann’s favorite director. Find out what makes the CDFF different from other festivals, and stay tuned as Mary Ann shares the story of her youthful run-in with the law. Visit CDFF at www.chagrinfilmfest.org and read about David Ponce’s documentary here.

Ep 17 – Mix it up with Molly

Alex takes over to Mix It Up with Molly in this week’s episode of the podcast! After Alex shares how his past experience shapes his current legal practice, we delve into all things Molly… What is a Royal Doulton Toby Jug or a Wedgewood? When is it worth holding a grudge? What is clown school like? When you can’t get enough Molly Gebler in your life, there’s Best.Podcast.Ever.

Ep 16 – Meet John Gadd

Alex and Molly meet at the intersection of creativity and business where they chat with John Gadd, owner and CEO of Hotcards. Join them as they talk company culture, marketing, and the logistics of setting yourself on fire. As a bonus, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t jump off the Chagrin Falls waterfall. Connect with John on his facebook page, or visit hotcards.com.

Ep 15 – Meet Paul Marnecheck

Councilman Paul Marnecheck sits down with Alex and Molly to share the inside scoop on what happens in local politics, as well as the path that led him from Kent State to the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities, with a stop on the Cleveland Browns Fan Advisory Board. This episode has it all… deep thoughts… movie reviews… How do you know if it’s a “bow-tie day”? Get down and dirty in a debate on term limits. Step away from the drama of the national political stage and hang out with the Best.Podcast.Ever.
Paul’s LinkedIn profile is here. His Trump impression is here.


Ep 14 – Meet Robb Sapp

Alex and Molly sit down with their old friend and Broadway actor Robb
Sapp. Get to know Monsieur Sapp and find out what cast members do on
the road when they’re not rehearsing. Rediscover flop-sweat, reconnect
with the New Kids on the Block, and be relieved that Robb’s
most embarrassing moment didn’t happen to you! He also shares tips for
aspiring Broadway actors. Check out dirtysugarphotography.com for
Robb’s photography company.

What could Robb’s most embarrassing story be!?!?


Ep 13 – Meet Jean Makesh

In this cerebral episode of Best.Podcast.Ever., Alex and Molly sit down with a man that is revolutionizing dementia care and the assisted living industry. Jean Makesh, CEO and founder of The Lantern Group, tells us how he is changing healthcare and why his facility is different than any other. Whether you care for someone with dementia, are interested in how our brains work, or wonder how the environment influences our behavior, this week’s episode with make you think. Visit lanternlifestyle.com and svayus.com to learn more about Jean’s projects and therapeutic approach.

For more information about the essay contest mentioned in the episode, visit gertsburglaw.com/essay.

Ep 12 – Meet Kimberly McCune Gibson

Who’s the busiest chef in town? It’s Kimberly McCune Gibson, our guest this week on Best.Podcast.Ever. Listen in as Kimberly tells Alex and Molly what it’s like to feed the president and teaches us what an apiary is. As an added bonus, discover hidden gems around town, a children’s book review, and tips for choosing a good wine. All this and more, now available on iTunes and Stitcher!

Follow Kimberly on Facebook, or learn more about Kimberly’s projects at their websites: Hungry Bee Catering, Cultivate Cafe and Carryout, and the McCune Family Apiaries.

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Ep 11 – Catch up with Alex and Molly

Catch up with Alex and Molly this week! What’s up and coming in the Chagrin Valley? What’s changing at the Gertsburg Law Firm? Alex tells you the secret to having a good day, Molly gives you her movie reviews, and our cultured hosts share the best musical moments. Plus, the return of audience member Emily. Reconnect with the Best.Hosts.Ever. on this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever.

Contact us directly with feedback or questions at bestpodcastever1@gmail.com

Ep 10 – Meet Brenda Cain

You won’t believe how much there is to learn in this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. episode with journalist Brenda Cain! What’s it like to be a woman covering NASCAR? Who was Viktor Schrekengost? How do you get a nasty call from the White House? If you read the news or if you don’t, you won’t want to miss this episode. Follow Brenda on Twitter @reporterbrendac

Ep 09 – Meet Matt Trinetti

So much amazingness this week! In our first episode of 2017, we welcome Matt Trinetti, writer, traveler, and deliberate explorer. We follow Matt’s journey from Ohio, to Iceland, across Europe, and to his current home in London, where he helps professionals “escape the city”. As an added bonus, this episode features Nelly as the guest co-host. Read and subscribe to Matt’s blog at www.giveliveexplore.com or follow him on Twitter: @trinetti.

This episode had some audio issues, and we apologize for the static and volume changes. Thanks for understanding! We’re upgrading to new equipment soon…

Ep 08 – Meet Santa Claus

Alex and Molly traveled far and wide for this, their first remote episode, and made their way to Santa’s Hide-A-Way Hollow to visit St. Nick himself. Just in time for the holidays, tune in to find out how Santa chose his career path and listen in as he takes a phone request from someone on his nice list. As an added bonus you may even find out where French Bread Pizza comes from (it’s not France!). Join us and get in the holiday spirit with Santa’s friend Bill on location in Middlefield, Ohio. Learn more about Hide-A-Way Hollow here: http://www.santashideawayhollow.com/

Ep 07 – Meet Stephanie Puzzo

As Alex and Molly sit down with Stephanie Puzzo, we learn how a girl from Italy ended up in small town Ohio, then back in Italy, then back in Ohio. Anyone can benefit from her lessons learned from buying a house, and tips from a future life coach. Perhaps our listeners will find themselves drawn into a discussion on the zen of cooking, or a clarification on the difference between men and women. Can you guess who went to clowning school? Tune in to this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. for all this and more! Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn.

For the donation locations mentioned in the episode, visit First National Bank (8500 E Washington St. Chagrin Falls Township, OH 44023), Chagrin Falls Township Hall, or The Gertsburg Law Firm.

Ep 06 – Meet Nadine Ezzie

This week, Alex and Molly meet Nadine Ezzie, a fellow attorney and our first female guest! In addition to her role as General Counsel, Nadine is responsible for initiating a number of innovative programs and tells us about what she loves and what she hates about being a lawyer. Listen closely to find out how to impress an interviewer, and learn how the Best.Podcast.Ever team unwinds when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Like Gutterpy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gutterpy/ and connect with Nadine at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadine-ezzie-3197a719/



Ep 05 – Meet Jeff Griff

Alex and Molly welcome Jeff Griff to this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. As president of the oldest surviving local business, and one of the fastest growing businesses in Northeast Ohio, Jeff shares his secrets for success. As we get a look inside his family business, we’ll also find out who lives in the greenhouse and everyone shares some of their ugliest teenage hijinks. Visit Jeff’s website at www.lowesgreenhouse.com. Learn more about the Rotary Club mentioned in the episode here: www.chagrinvalleyrotary.com. Stick with the Best.Podcast.Ever. team and watch us bloom with amazingness!


Ep 04 – Meet Drew Tewksbury

This week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. features Drew Tewksbury, who shares with us an important side of the amusement industry which you may not have thought about previously. Besides learning about how Drew keeps your family safe, tune in to hear a review of Molly’s stage debut, and find out how a jam band brought Alex and Drew together. Unless you listen on the go, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and be amused by this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever.

Connect with Drew through his LinkedIn page here: www.linkedin.com/in/drewtewksbury

Donate to the GoFundMe Page mentioned in this episode here: www.gofundme.com/christmas-lighting-fund

Ep 03 – Meet Ryan Sears

Welcome to episode 3 of Best.Podcast.Ever., where you’ll meet Ryan Sears, a criminal defense attorney and JAG lawyer. Ryan shares tales of winning cases while defending service members, as well as regrets in his legal career. Find out which event changed his life and his priorities, and how he faces limiting beliefs. Ryan is the newest addition to The Gertsburg Law Firm, and you can learn more about him on our website at www.gertsburglaw.com/team/ryan-sears/.


Ep 02 – Meet Jeff Hoffman

You will be sure to enjoy this, the second episode of Best.Podcast.Ever., where Alex and Molly interview Jeff Hoffman, a founder of priceline.com, author of Scale: Seven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back, motivational speaker, and Grammy award winner. Jeff discusses the traits that make a business successful, the value of entrepreneurship, and proves why he is an amazing person. Follow Jeff on twitter @SpeakerJeff.

Ep 01 – Meet Alex and Molly

Welcome to the first episode of Best.Podcast.Ever.  In this episode, we meet our intrepid hosts, Alex Gertsburg and Molly Gebler, as they discuss their goals for the podcast and for themselves.  Stay tuned for future episodes and meet all of the amazing people they interview.  This is, in fact, the Best.Podcast.Ever.