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Ep 28 – The Queen Bee of Cleveland Law – Meet Becky McMahon

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Becky McMahon, Executive Director of Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association and Bar Foundation, sits down with Alex and Molly to share her story and all the exciting things happening in the world of Cleveland law. Hear her passion for Ohio State Football, glimpse inside the Ohio State Supreme Court, and find out why Cleveland was once considered a “two-bar town”. This episode is a bring-your-daughter-to-the-podcast day with guest audience members, Emily and Natalie.

Be sure to visit cmba.org for all the upcoming events mentioned in this episode, including the Small Solo Expo, Wellness Initiatives, and info on the Leadership Academy.

Visit www.gertsburglaw.com/bravenewworld for information on the Non-Profit Seminar on September 12th.

Plus, here are links to the Pumpkin Roll documentary and Chagrin Documentary Film Festival website:
grovehillatruestory.wixsite.com/grovehill/ and www.chagrinfilmfest.org

Our selfie with Becky was unfortunately lost in cyberspace, but here is Diane Hyland (John Travolta’s first wife). Word is they look alike…

– 1:40 Molly’s perfect vacation & kids’ birthday parties- 3:33 Big news about the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival- 11:57 Introducing Becky McMahon- 15:53 summertime self-discipline challenge- 19:23 CMBA and its history- 24:44 CMBA helping small law firms & new wellness initiatives- 35:40 How a psychology degree helps at the Bar Association and how Becky chose Smith College- 38:41 Young Becky considers her career path and grows up with Ohio State Football – 41:02 Becky has fun in law school and we shows us the inside a Supreme Court – 47:39 Becky takes her own cases at Benesch & Key Bank- 51:24 Working at Tri-C and having an impact in the community- 53:14 The future of the Law Field- 58:14 Rainbow Babies & serving on boards- 1:00:26 Non-Profit Seminar / Strategic Planning for Non-Profits- 1:02:16 Becky is proud of the first Leadership Academy- 1:04:34 Lightning Round

Ep 27 – Meet Steve Millard

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In this Best.Postcast.Ever, Steve Millard talks with Molly and Alex about scotch, being a bad wrestler, and becoming Executive Director of COSE. Small business owners will be especially interested in this episode, where we learn what COSE does and learn who is the man leading the team there. Everyone will want to tune in to witness Molly’s first ever taste of scotch.

Contact Steve via his website at cose.org, where you can also find out more about the upcoming COSE Summer Networking Event on August 17th, and BizConCLE 2017 on October 12th.

To learn more about the Wenis Report – https://www.facebook.com/The-Wenis-Report-Mockumentary-336341893455629/

And see the full Simple Summer Nights Concerts schedule, visit cvcc.org


3:21 The Weenis Report
5:57 Orchestra and Blossom
7:22 Molly’s binging on Suits
9:23 Summer Concert Series
11:57 Molly hosts the Golf Outing
13:57 Steve’s intro
18:27 Scotch talk
23:57 Steve’s “fighting” days and singing in musicals
29:29 Early career – big companies can be too big then consulting
31:28 Steve becomes Executive Director of COSE
36:48 COSE offers Health Insurance
37:21 Energy checks by COSE
41:42 Small Business testimonial for COSE
44:16 COSE staff and values and culture, plus the psychology of small business owners
49:42 Building up Slavic Village through Chain Reaction
57:25 Lightning Round

Ep 26 – Go Ask Alex

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How well do you know your friendly local business lawyer, Alex Gertsburg? Molly shows off some masterful interviewing skills to deconstruct her BPE co-host, a young immigrant to America, who joined the army, went to Iraq, and started his own law firm. We learn who has most influenced him and how a Spelling Bee continues to haunt him today. This episode features a Phish song from Lake Tahoe on 7-31-13.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us! We’d like to get to know you – Who are you and where are you? What do you think of the show so far? Send us an email at bestpodcastever1@gmail.com, or connect with us on Facebook.

10:12  Coming to America  30:42 Joining the Army   33:06 When Alex knew he wanted to be a lawyer   36:54 Alex goes to Iraq, leads convoys of soldiers, and discusses the war   54:15 Starting a law career and opening a law firm, including a legal tip for businesses      1:02:42 Lightning Round

Ep 25 – Kaytie and Wendy Leonard

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How do you catch a Tame Rabbit? Invite it on your podcast! Kaytie & Wendy Leonard bring their energy to Best.Podcast.Ever. and tell Alex and Molly about their brand new coffee shop in Chagrin Falls. Hear about the winding road that led them to Chagrin Falls, and learn why coffee is actually good for you! You’ll be sure to get a kick out of which “sport” Molly once lettered in. If you think you may want to watch Kaytie’s short film, listen for our new “Spoiler Alert” and skip about 25 seconds when you hear it.

Visit tamerabbit.com and follow Tame Rabbit on Facebook to find out more about the shop and their upcoming events.

More information on the Non-Profit Seminar in September can be found at gertsburglaw.com/events/bravenewworld/.



9:31 Tame Rabbit in Chagrin Falls
13:19 Going to coffee school
15:36 Living in Ireland
17:59 Kaytie’s film, “St. John” – spoiler alert (skip 0:25 sec)
19:35 Kaytie works at Fox and talks Roller Derby
22:59 Favorite books
26:50 More about Ireland
28:20 Coffee science
31:23 Golf outing & high school “sports”
35:52 Health benefits of coffee & more coffee science
48:29 Lightning round

How do you listen?

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Ep 24 – Meet Larry Morrow

This week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. brings you Larry Morrow, “The Voice of Cleveland”, who tells Alex and Molly what it’s like to interview presidents, Telly Savalas, Barbara Walters, and Neil Diamond. He also lets us know what to do when the Pentagon calls, and shares the creative way he got into the jingle writing business. See photos, along with information on his communication and leadership program, at www.LarryMorrow.com. To read even more great stories from his career, order his book, This is Larry Morrow…, on Amazon or your local bookstore.


8:45 How Larry developed his voice
14:09 How he knew his purpose and got his start
20:35 Memorable interviews
25:17 Vietnam experience / Interviewing soldiers
34:09 More memorable Interviews & Awards
36:32 Jingle writing experience
45:27 interviewing Neil Diamond
48:25 Lightning Round

Ep 23 – Meet Samantha Evers

This week on Best.Podcast.”Evers”, we meet Samantha Evers, Intervention Specialist and daughter of our very own Molly Gebler. Sam shares inspiring stories from helping children with disabilities and teaching in inner city classrooms. What’s it like to sing for the Pope? Can Alex survive in a room full of Geblers? The answers lay within this thought-provoking episode. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn, and sign the pledge to stop using the “r-word” at r-word.org. Also, check out the full schedule for the Simple Summer Nights Concert Series at cvcc.org.

Are you on instagram? Want to see Molly’s artsy side? You’ll find it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/WaC1ACGUrq/?taken-by=mgebler



1:41 Molly was Trapped and Alex goes Boating
9:14 Baywatch Movie
11:06 Simple Summer Nights Concert Series
14:13 The BPE team makes new habits
16:00 Molly tells us about having Sam
21:58 Teach 4 America
23:20 Teaching students with disabilities
24:44 Sam gets her start with Kayla
29:44 Increasing rates of Autism
33:29 Teaching inner city students
40:23 What parents can do for their children
45:28 Singing for the Pope
49:42 The “r-word”
1:00:55 Lightning Round

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Ep 22 – Meet Nate Haskell

Alex and guest co-host Nelly get to know musician and lawyer Nate Haskell on this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. Nate helps us make sense of Securities Law what a Securities Lawyer does for small businesses. How exactly does a music teacher become a lawyer? Feed your brain with some jazz history and critique, and tune in for our second Free Legal Tip on what you must do when starting a home business.

Connect with Nate on LinkedIn or by contacting The Gertsburg Law Firm. Learn more about the Roberto Ocasio Foundation here and consider supporting Latin Jazz camp for promising music students.

Note: The Non-Profit Seminar that was described in the show has been rescheduled for September. Check back on The Gertsburg Law Firm Events Page, or follow GLF on Facebook to find out the new date is announced.

As mentioned in the show





12:05 – What is a Securities and Corporate Lawyer
18:18 – Legal Tip: What you must do when starting a home business
23:45 – What is “LLC” and why is it important
29:38 – Why enter Law School
34:15 – The difference between a Litigator and a Transactional lawyer
39:43 – Connection between Law & Martial Arts
48:34 – Latin Music & Jazz
58:02 – Roberto Ocasio Band
1:02:29 – Lightening Round
1:16:21 – Current Projects

Ep 21 – Meet Keith Latore

Alex and Molly are back to chat with Keith Latore, Founder and CEO of SaveLocalNow and SLNConnect, which is serving chambers and small business needs from “business-starting”, planning, and marketing. Besides learning about this unique digital marketing company, we discover what’s so special about Cleveland Play House, and why you don’t want to wear a borrowed suit on your first date. This episode also features the introduction of our Free Legal Tip segment. Find out more about SaveLocalNow here, or watch this video about SLNconnect. And catch Freaky Friday through May 20th at Cleveland Play House.

Enjoy the improved quality of the podcast, as Best.Podcast.Ever. upgrades it’s equipment this week. Unfortunately we were still working out the kinks during the first 10 minutes, so if you prefer, just skip ahead 10 minutes to experience the magic.

The Veteran’s Seminar mentioned in the episode has passed, but you can request information on Veterans Services at The Gertsburg Law Firm by sending a message to info@gertsburglaw.com.

Ep 20 – Meet Bob Hunt and Shannon Beach

Celebrate our 20th episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. with our first double
guest episode, as Alex and Molly welcome Chagrin Falls Schools power couple Bob Hunt and Shannon Beach to the show. Be inspired to live extraordinarily as they tell us how they are overcoming the hardest
struggle any parent can face, and how they used their experience to start LifExtraordinary, which supports pediatric cancer research and families affected by pediatric cancer. Get to know how their infant son’s battle with cancer inspired them and the whole community to live with purpose. Visit the LifExtraordinary Facebook page, for more information about the organization and the Sweet Corn Challenge on July 30th in Richfield, Ohio – they are looking for more participants and sponsors!

Ep 19 – Meet Jim Lawniczak

We dare you to find a more interesting bankruptcy lawyer than James Lawniczak, who sat down with Alex and Molly on this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. History buffs will enjoy learning where in the world bankruptcy started, and we’ll all find another reason to love our country. If you don’t know what a numismatist is, you will after this episode!
Get in touch with Jim through LinkedIn, and read about his upcoming publication here.

Ep 18 – Meet Mary Ann Ponce

Join Alex and Molly as they interview Mary Ann Ponce, the Director of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, which won the 2017 Chagrin Valley Business of the Year Award.  Take a guess at what it takes to be Mary Ann’s favorite director. Find out what makes the CDFF different from other festivals, and stay tuned as Mary Ann shares the story of her youthful run-in with the law. Visit CDFF at www.chagrinfilmfest.org and read about David Ponce’s documentary here.

Ep 17 – Mix it up with Molly

Alex takes over to Mix It Up with Molly in this week’s episode of the podcast! After Alex shares how his past experience shapes his current legal practice, we delve into all things Molly… What is a Royal Doulton Toby Jug or a Wedgewood? When is it worth holding a grudge? What is clown school like? When you can’t get enough Molly Gebler in your life, there’s Best.Podcast.Ever.

Ep 16 – Meet John Gadd

Alex and Molly meet at the intersection of creativity and business where they chat with John Gadd, owner and CEO of Hotcards. Join them as they talk company culture, marketing, and the logistics of setting yourself on fire. As a bonus, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t jump off the Chagrin Falls waterfall. Connect with John on his facebook page, or visit hotcards.com.

Ep 15 – Meet Paul Marnecheck

Councilman Paul Marnecheck sits down with Alex and Molly to share the inside scoop on what happens in local politics, as well as the path that led him from Kent State to the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities, with a stop on the Cleveland Browns Fan Advisory Board. This episode has it all… deep thoughts… movie reviews… How do you know if it’s a “bow-tie day”? Get down and dirty in a debate on term limits. Step away from the drama of the national political stage and hang out with the Best.Podcast.Ever.
Paul’s LinkedIn profile is here. His Trump impression is here.


Ep 14 – Meet Robb Sapp

Alex and Molly sit down with their old friend and Broadway actor Robb
Sapp. Get to know Monsieur Sapp and find out what cast members do on
the road when they’re not rehearsing. Rediscover flop-sweat, reconnect
with the New Kids on the Block, and be relieved that Robb’s
most embarrassing moment didn’t happen to you! He also shares tips for
aspiring Broadway actors. Check out dirtysugarphotography.com for
Robb’s photography company.

What could Robb’s most embarrassing story be!?!?


Ep 13 – Meet Jean Makesh

In this cerebral episode of Best.Podcast.Ever., Alex and Molly sit down with a man that is revolutionizing dementia care and the assisted living industry. Jean Makesh, CEO and founder of The Lantern Group, tells us how he is changing healthcare and why his facility is different than any other. Whether you care for someone with dementia, are interested in how our brains work, or wonder how the environment influences our behavior, this week’s episode with make you think. Visit lanternlifestyle.com and svayus.com to learn more about Jean’s projects and therapeutic approach.

For more information about the essay contest mentioned in the episode, visit gertsburglaw.com/essay.

Ep 12 – Meet Kimberly McCune Gibson

Who’s the busiest chef in town? It’s Kimberly McCune Gibson, our guest this week on Best.Podcast.Ever. Listen in as Kimberly tells Alex and Molly what it’s like to feed the president and teaches us what an apiary is. As an added bonus, discover hidden gems around town, a children’s book review, and tips for choosing a good wine. All this and more, now available on iTunes and Stitcher!

Follow Kimberly on Facebook, or learn more about Kimberly’s projects at their websites: Hungry Bee Catering, Cultivate Cafe and Carryout, and the McCune Family Apiaries.

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Ep 11 – Catch up with Alex and Molly

Catch up with Alex and Molly this week! What’s up and coming in the Chagrin Valley? What’s changing at the Gertsburg Law Firm? Alex tells you the secret to having a good day, Molly gives you her movie reviews, and our cultured hosts share the best musical moments. Plus, the return of audience member Emily. Reconnect with the Best.Hosts.Ever. on this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever.

Contact us directly with feedback or questions at bestpodcastever1@gmail.com

Ep 10 – Meet Brenda Cain

You won’t believe how much there is to learn in this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. episode with journalist Brenda Cain! What’s it like to be a woman covering NASCAR? Who was Viktor Schrekengost? How do you get a nasty call from the White House? If you read the news or if you don’t, you won’t want to miss this episode. Follow Brenda on Twitter @reporterbrendac

Ep 09 – Meet Matt Trinetti

So much amazingness this week! In our first episode of 2017, we welcome Matt Trinetti, writer, traveler, and deliberate explorer. We follow Matt’s journey from Ohio, to Iceland, across Europe, and to his current home in London, where he helps professionals “escape the city”. As an added bonus, this episode features Nelly as the guest co-host. Read and subscribe to Matt’s blog at www.giveliveexplore.com or follow him on Twitter: @trinetti.

This episode had some audio issues, and we apologize for the static and volume changes. Thanks for understanding! We’re upgrading to new equipment soon…

Ep 08 – Meet Santa Claus

Alex and Molly traveled far and wide for this, their first remote episode, and made their way to Santa’s Hide-A-Way Hollow to visit St. Nick himself. Just in time for the holidays, tune in to find out how Santa chose his career path and listen in as he takes a phone request from someone on his nice list. As an added bonus you may even find out where French Bread Pizza comes from (it’s not France!). Join us and get in the holiday spirit with Santa’s friend Bill on location in Middlefield, Ohio. Learn more about Hide-A-Way Hollow here: http://www.santashideawayhollow.com/

Ep 07 – Meet Stephanie Puzzo

As Alex and Molly sit down with Stephanie Puzzo, we learn how a girl from Italy ended up in small town Ohio, then back in Italy, then back in Ohio. Anyone can benefit from her lessons learned from buying a house, and tips from a future life coach. Perhaps our listeners will find themselves drawn into a discussion on the zen of cooking, or a clarification on the difference between men and women. Can you guess who went to clowning school? Tune in to this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. for all this and more! Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn.

For the donation locations mentioned in the episode, visit First National Bank (8500 E Washington St. Chagrin Falls Township, OH 44023), Chagrin Falls Township Hall, or The Gertsburg Law Firm.

Ep 06 – Meet Nadine Ezzie

This week, Alex and Molly meet Nadine Ezzie, a fellow attorney and our first female guest! In addition to her role as General Counsel, Nadine is responsible for initiating a number of innovative programs and tells us about what she loves and what she hates about being a lawyer. Listen closely to find out how to impress an interviewer, and learn how the Best.Podcast.Ever team unwinds when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Like Gutterpy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gutterpy/ and connect with Nadine at https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadine-ezzie-3197a719/



Ep 05 – Meet Jeff Griff

Alex and Molly welcome Jeff Griff to this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. As president of the oldest surviving local business, and one of the fastest growing businesses in Northeast Ohio, Jeff shares his secrets for success. As we get a look inside his family business, we’ll also find out who lives in the greenhouse and everyone shares some of their ugliest teenage hijinks. Visit Jeff’s website at www.lowesgreenhouse.com. Learn more about the Rotary Club mentioned in the episode here: www.chagrinvalleyrotary.com. Stick with the Best.Podcast.Ever. team and watch us bloom with amazingness!


Ep 04 – Meet Drew Tewksbury

This week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. features Drew Tewksbury, who shares with us an important side of the amusement industry which you may not have thought about previously. Besides learning about how Drew keeps your family safe, tune in to hear a review of Molly’s stage debut, and find out how a jam band brought Alex and Drew together. Unless you listen on the go, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and be amused by this week’s Best.Podcast.Ever.

Connect with Drew through his LinkedIn page here: www.linkedin.com/in/drewtewksbury

Donate to the GoFundMe Page mentioned in this episode here: www.gofundme.com/christmas-lighting-fund

Ep 03 – Meet Ryan Sears

Welcome to episode 3 of Best.Podcast.Ever., where you’ll meet Ryan Sears, a criminal defense attorney and JAG lawyer. Ryan shares tales of winning cases while defending service members, as well as regrets in his legal career. Find out which event changed his life and his priorities, and how he faces limiting beliefs. Ryan is the newest addition to The Gertsburg Law Firm, and you can learn more about him on our website at www.gertsburglaw.com/team/ryan-sears/.


Ep 02 – Meet Jeff Hoffman

You will be sure to enjoy this, the second episode of Best.Podcast.Ever., where Alex and Molly interview Jeff Hoffman, a founder of priceline.com, author of Scale: Seven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back, motivational speaker, and Grammy award winner. Jeff discusses the traits that make a business successful, the value of entrepreneurship, and proves why he is an amazing person. Follow Jeff on twitter @SpeakerJeff.

Ep 01 – Meet Alex and Molly

Welcome to the first episode of Best.Podcast.Ever.  In this episode, we meet our intrepid hosts, Alex Gertsburg and Molly Gebler, as they discuss their goals for the podcast and for themselves.  Stay tuned for future episodes and meet all of the amazing people they interview.  This is, in fact, the Best.Podcast.Ever.