Ep 37 – Fun with Insurance – Meet Craig Lyndall

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Believe it or not, we can talk about insurance and have fun at the same time, which is what happens when Alex and Molly interview Craig Lyndall of Lyndall Insurance, Waiting For Next Year sports podcast, and sponsor of the many exciting community events you’ve heard about. We talk classic movies, creative marketing, working with family, and Cleveland Sports, with a bit of “Insurance for Dummies” in the mix. Check out more new lightning round questions to find out what everyone is binging on, and what Gwen Stefani and Jon Bon Jovi have in common.

Learn more about Lyndall Insurance at LyndallInsurance.com and follow them on Facebook to find out about upcoming events. Visit the website for Craig’s podcast at WaitingForNextYear.com and follow him on twitter at @WFNYCraig. If you’d like to check out Craig’s album, “The Company Line”, it is on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/35ExIeLft6Kgs4ZIbaUrPj

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Molly as a Pink Lady with her father on Halloween this year


* 1:06 Where is your chamber certificate?
* 2:09 Introducing Craig
* 3:50 Halloween memories and movies
* 4:47 Lyndall Insurance bringing back classic movies
* 6:51 Creative Marketing and how Craig brings his interests to work
* 10:10 Bringing Kid-friendly music to the area and “kids these days”…
* 14:46 Being a creative person
* 17:11 Working with family
* 19:55 The insurance business
* 20:42 Insurance for businesses
* 24:32 How insurers get paid
* 29:28 Innovation and technology in insurance
* 33:34 Cleveland sports woes
* 41:39 Pre-Lightning Round (with new questions!)
* 51:46 Actual Lightning Round

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