Ep 33 – Joe vs The Hurricane – Meet Joe Jacobs

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What did you do when you heard Hurricane Irma was coming to Florida? Eagle Scout and Owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, Joe Jacobs, decided to do something to help. Listen to his incredible story of delivering supplies to hurricane victims in the most devastated parts of Florida. You’ll be amazed by this first-hand account of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, and the human obstacles Joe and his team faced. Join Alex and Molly on this audio journey through surprises and success in this captivating episode.

Visit Joe and Chagrin Home Improvements at www.ChagrinHomeImprovements.com or on their Facebook page. Photos from Joe’s story can be viewed at www.thebestpodcastever.com/irmaphotos


What do you think? Does Joe Jacobs look like Jon Fishman of Phish?


* 1:33 How Joe came to be on the show
* 3:10 Joe comes from Florida to Ohio
* 6:42 starting Chagrin Home Improvement
* 7:40 driving trucks to Florida
* 11:05 what it’s like to be in a Hurricane Wilma
* 14:10 deciding to make the drive, and to put in the truck?
* 18:16 gathering supplies and men
* 23:40 the first encounter with danger
* 28:10 finding a safe space to ride the storm out
* 30:10 Tampa – calm before the storm
* 32:40 the game plan and Hurricane Irma hits
* 35:40 trying to find the need in the aftermath
* 42:40 Heading south and talking their way into the Florida Keys
* 48:57 Why people stay during a storm
* 50:48 Finding destruction in Key West, people roaming the streets, and cars on top of hills
* 56:30 Making a difference
* 1:00:10 Clearing roads and facing pushback from locals
* 1:03:40 Finding where he’s meant to be and making donations count
* 1:11:40 One last stop before going home
* 1:14:08 Lightning Round

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