Ep 30 – It’s Always Now – Meet John Cunningham

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Find your peace with John Cunningham, meditation teacher and gentle voice of wisdom, as he visits the BPE studio to chat with Alex and guest co-host Nelly. Have you ever been punched in the face with soothing kindness? Take a retreat from your day and give it a try. John shares some insights into Insight Meditation in our most insightful episode to date, including tips on how to be a mindful parent. Find more information about local meditation groups and the upcoming retreat on October 13-15 at www.imcleveland.org.

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a talk with Meg Pauken, the newest member of the Gertsburg Law team. What is Estate Planning and who is it for? What should you put into your Estate Plan? Get the answers in just 10 minutes.

**John leads a 10-minute meditation in the bonus episode posted here: http://wp.me/p89NHR-69**

If you have any comments or questions for any of our guests, please post them on the episode’s page at www.thebestpodcastever.com. Let us know what questions you wish we would have asked, or what you like and don’t like about that show. We’d love to hear from you!

* 7:45 Bonus Legal Tip – How much of the law should you consider with friends and neighbors &
the “Attractive Nuisance Ordinance”
* 14:52 John arrives
* 16:27 Mindfulness vs Meditation
* 25:08 Meditation is for everyone
* 26:07 Psychology of Mindfulness
* 28:19 How John found Meditation and came to be a teacher
* 35:36 What is “Insight Meditation”
* 37:15 Alex is finally Silent (at a retreat)
* 43:07 Changing the way you approach your problems & more on how Insight Meditation works
* 46:51 The “right” way to meditate
* 48:50 Mindful Parenting
* 1:00:51 Changing behavior by teaching skills
* 1:02:39 Never too late to start being a mindful parent
* 1:07:37 Lightning Round
* 1:19:46 Meg Pauken discusses Estate Planning


2 thoughts on “Ep 30 – It’s Always Now – Meet John Cunningham”

    1. Thanks for your comment here. Really glad you enjoyed the show! We’ll keep trying to bring you quality interviews with amazing people!
      We would loved to have made it to the retreat, but couldn’t attend this time. If you were able to attend, we hope you found it to be an excellent experience. Maybe we’ll see you at a future retreat…
      All the best to you, Mark.

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