Ep 29 – Home is a State of Mind – Meet Rick Cibik

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Join Alex and Molly on this episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. with Rick Cibik of Dairy Island in Chagrin Falls, and follow his journey to the conclusion that “home is a state of mind”. Sit down with your local ice cream peddler, as he answers the eternal question, “What’s more important than ice cream?” Tune in to discover what brought the Secret Service to Dairy Island, and find out Rick’s favorite flavor.

We invite you help us create the Best.IceCream.Ever., our official entry in the 2018 Dairy Island Create Your Own Ice Cream Contest. The winner of the 2017 contest was Take Me Out To The Ballgame by Mia Conti. Visit
www.DairyIsland.com to find out what it is, and to see the other entries in the contest.

There’s still time to register for A Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues for Today’s Non-Profit on Sept 12th at gertsburglaw.com/bravenewworld. And visit cvcc.org for more information on how you can participate in First Responders week, September 10-14th. Chamber members, plan to attend the Meet Me at 5 Networking Event on August 30th!

We just posted a link to the Pumpkin Roll Trailer on Facebook. Check it out there or at grovehillatruestory.wixsite.com/grovehill

Thanks for the keychain, Rick!



* 1:00 Alex looks for parenting validation and “channels his inner Molly”* 4:05 Molly’s Documentary is making waves with a new trailer* 6:54 Introducing Rick Cibik* 14:10 How Molly met Rick, and the upcoming chamber event at Dairy Island* 15:57 History of Dairy Island* 19:20 More than just Dairy! Food and atmosphere at Dairy Island* 23:53 Rick goes West* 25:41 Throwing parties for Cowboys and Indians* 30:09 Rick writes a book with his son and goes to film school* 35:13 Alex & Molly pitch ideas for Dairy Island* 37:18 What’s so special about the googly eyes?* 38:09 Coming back to Ohio and Dairy Island* 41:42 Rick the rock star plays drums and takes over Dairy Island* 46:05 The search for happiness* 51:20 Happiness is creating your own ice cream (best segue award)* 58:12 Lightning Round

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