Ep 27 – Meet Steve Millard

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In this Best.Postcast.Ever, Steve Millard talks with Molly and Alex about scotch, being a bad wrestler, and becoming Executive Director of COSE. Small business owners will be especially interested in this episode, where we learn what COSE does and learn who is the man leading the team there. Everyone will want to tune in to witness Molly’s first ever taste of scotch.

Contact Steve via his website at cose.org, where you can also find out more about the upcoming COSE Summer Networking Event on August 17th, and BizConCLE 2017 on October 12th.

To learn more about the Wenis Report – https://www.facebook.com/The-Wenis-Report-Mockumentary-336341893455629/

And see the full Simple Summer Nights Concerts schedule, visit cvcc.org

Steve interviewed Alex as part of his COSE series of interviews. Watch 3(ish) Minutes: New Trends in Law Firm Billing to hear Alex chat with Steve about innovative new billing strategies that law firms and their clients are using. Watch the video here: www.cose.org/Mind%20Your%20Business/HR/New%20Trends%20in%20Law%20Firm%20Billing.aspx


3:21 The Weenis Report
5:57 Orchestra and Blossom
7:22 Molly’s binging on Suits
9:23 Summer Concert Series
11:57 Molly hosts the Golf Outing
13:57 Steve’s intro
18:27 Scotch talk
23:57 Steve’s “fighting” days and singing in musicals
29:29 Early career – big companies can be too big then consulting
31:28 Steve becomes Executive Director of COSE
36:48 COSE offers Health Insurance
37:21 Energy checks by COSE
41:42 Small Business testimonial for COSE
44:16 COSE staff and values and culture, plus the psychology of small business owners
49:42 Building up Slavic Village through Chain Reaction
57:25 Lightning Round

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