Ep 25 – Kaytie and Wendy Leonard

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How do you catch a Tame Rabbit? Invite it on your podcast! Kaytie & Wendy Leonard bring their energy to Best.Podcast.Ever. and tell Alex and Molly about their brand new coffee shop in Chagrin Falls. Hear about the winding road that led them to Chagrin Falls, and learn why coffee is actually good for you! You’ll be sure to get a kick out of which “sport” Molly once lettered in. If you think you may want to watch Kaytie’s short film, listen for our new “Spoiler Alert” and skip about 25 seconds when you hear it.

Visit tamerabbit.com and follow Tame Rabbit on Facebook to find out more about the shop and their upcoming events.

More information on the Non-Profit Seminar in September can be found at gertsburglaw.com/events/bravenewworld/.



9:31 Tame Rabbit in Chagrin Falls
13:19 Going to coffee school
15:36 Living in Ireland
17:59 Kaytie’s film, “St. John” – spoiler alert (skip 0:25 sec)
19:35 Kaytie works at Fox and talks Roller Derby
22:59 Favorite books
26:50 More about Ireland
28:20 Coffee science
31:23 Golf outing & high school “sports”
35:52 Health benefits of coffee & more coffee science
48:29 Lightning round

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