Ep 24 – Meet Larry Morrow

This week’s Best.Podcast.Ever. brings you Larry Morrow, “The Voice of Cleveland”, who tells Alex and Molly what it’s like to interview presidents, Telly Savalas, Barbara Walters, and Neil Diamond. He also lets us know what to do when the Pentagon calls, and shares the creative way he got into the jingle writing business. See photos, along with information on his communication and leadership program, at www.LarryMorrow.com. To read even more great stories from his career, order his book, This is Larry Morrow…, on Amazon or your local bookstore.


8:45 How Larry developed his voice
14:09 How he knew his purpose and got his start
20:35 Memorable interviews
25:17 Vietnam experience / Interviewing soldiers
34:09 More memorable Interviews & Awards
36:32 Jingle writing experience
45:27 interviewing Neil Diamond
48:25 Lightning Round

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