Ep 23 – Meet Samantha Evers

This week on Best.Podcast.”Evers”, we meet Samantha Evers, Intervention Specialist and daughter of our very own Molly Gebler. Sam shares inspiring stories from helping children with disabilities and teaching in inner city classrooms. What’s it like to sing for the Pope? Can Alex survive in a room full of Geblers? The answers lay within this thought-provoking episode. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn, and sign the pledge to stop using the “r-word” at r-word.org. Also, check out the full schedule for the Simple Summer Nights Concert Series at cvcc.org.

Are you on instagram? Want to see Molly’s artsy side? You’ll find it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/WaC1ACGUrq/?taken-by=mgebler



1:41 Molly was Trapped and Alex goes Boating
9:14 Baywatch Movie
11:06 Simple Summer Nights Concert Series
14:13 The BPE team makes new habits
16:00 Molly tells us about having Sam
21:58 Teach 4 America
23:20 Teaching students with disabilities
24:44 Sam gets her start with Kayla
29:44 Increasing rates of Autism
33:29 Teaching inner city students
40:23 What parents can do for their children
45:28 Singing for the Pope
49:42 The “r-word”
1:00:55 Lightning Round

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