Ep 22 – Meet Nate Haskell

Alex and guest co-host Nelly get to know musician and lawyer Nate Haskell on this week’s episode of Best.Podcast.Ever. Nate helps us make sense of Securities Law what a Securities Lawyer does for small businesses. How exactly does a music teacher become a lawyer? Feed your brain with some jazz history and critique, and tune in for our second Free Legal Tip on what you must do when starting a home business.

Connect with Nate on LinkedIn or by contacting The Gertsburg Law Firm. Learn more about the Roberto Ocasio Foundation here and consider supporting Latin Jazz camp for promising music students.

Note: The Non-Profit Seminar that was described in the show has been rescheduled for September. Check back on The Gertsburg Law Firm Events Page, or follow GLF on Facebook to find out the new date is announced.

As mentioned in the show





12:05 – What is a Securities and Corporate Lawyer
18:18 – Legal Tip: What you must do when starting a home business
23:45 – What is “LLC” and why is it important
29:38 – Why enter Law School
34:15 – The difference between a Litigator and a Transactional lawyer
39:43 – Connection between Law & Martial Arts
48:34 – Latin Music & Jazz
58:02 – Roberto Ocasio Band
1:02:29 – Lightening Round
1:16:21 – Current Projects

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